Fashion designs that I want to come to life through the art of sewing


By Oya Obinidodo

I started designing clothes when I was around 10 years old. Throughout my teens and adult life, I was bullied and human trafficked. I was beaten up by homosexual men so badly, that I never had time to learn how to sew. I was beaten every, single, day. I am very battered. No female ever taught me how to do anything productive either, because they were too busy laying on their back all day for a man and bullying me for not having one. I've been drawing fashion designs for over 20 years. I decided to make my dream come true. I purchased a travel sewing machine and a bunch of thread. I won't speak on the brand, but it is for travel and is very portable. I found different collections of fabric online, but I haven't purchased any. I have been drawing so much, that have several categories already. The categories are: Coats, gowns,dresses, two-three piece sets, sleepwear, and accessories.

I will be designing my own patterns using a large roll of paper that I've already purchased. I don't want to have to purchase patterns from a company. I won't feel as talented and creative, as I would if I drew them myself. I do not want the patterns to be owned by a rich person. If all of my body measurements are accurate, then it should not be a reason why the patterns would turn out bad. Again, they will only be in my size. I don't know any other people!

I have a fall 2022 collection. My artwork isn't that fancy, because it's my personal style, and I don't need to spend unnecessary money on fashion design books and body templates. All of the fashion that I design and the clothes I will make will be done strategically through trial and error. I did not go to fashion school (I wanted to in my early 20's but kept on getting sucked into a life of crime and violence- I registered for classes and didn't even start) and I will have to learn the old school way. Here are a couple more of the designs that I drew for the fall 2022 collection. The designs range from high fashion to low fashion- meaning that some of the clothes are casual, and some of them require a special event or travel destination and none of them are going to be for sale. The thought of being a street vendor, begging and urging fake people to buy my stuff, doesn't sound fun. I'd still have to pay to rent a booth. If I'm not worth selling my own brand in a comfortable and safe boutique with my name in cursive on the front of the store, then my clothes will never, ever, be for sale.

Fashion design- the old school way