I won’t be silent: I’m still living in a homosexual, religious cult, pedophile, incest, and snitch infested area and can’t get out

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By Oya Obinidodo 

Warning: Financial abuse 

Portsmouth, Virginia- I’m still stuck in Virginia where all the pedophiles and sickening bullies want me to suffer. I can’t escape because I’m a convicted felon. I feel so alone. I know I’m not the only felon, but the faggot people in the area will always isolate and bully me with their friends and make me feel like I’m the only one going through anything. They make me feel like a piece of prey and a piece of meat. They look like cannibals, and they treat me like a “catch and cook”. They can’t tell the difference between a human and an animal around here. I’m not a human to those people at all, I’m just another animal. 

My isolation is permanent. My felony is permanent and will not go away, just like a person that has AIDS. No matter the number of years that pass by, every time I try to start my life over, relocate to a new area, or attempt to do better, my felony resurfaces, and I get rejected and bullied by more pedophiles, rapist, predators, mixed orientation families, racist people, and haters. They will say that my felony is the reason why they can’t accept me, and it is very embarrassing, stressful, and annoying. It is the worse, nastiest, grossest, unsanitary, unsafe, unclean, dirtiest infestation of abuse, rejection, and neglect that I have ever seen. I can not allow the discouragement to cause me to catch another felony. 

What I can do as a felon 

The only good thing going for me is, my credit has gotten much better, and more credit card companies seem to be taking notice. I’m assuming that they want me to stay in debt. I’m also allowed to have a valid drivers license, a passport, and vote, and I wasn’t able to any of that for over three entire years. It literally took me five years from the date of the charges to acquire just those three things. They are the only three rights I have now. 

What I can not do as a felon 

Unfortunately, I still can not apply for jobs (jobs have said no to me over a hundred times). I also can not purchase, own, or ship firearms for obvious reasons. There are a lot of other simple things I can not do either. I can not land a rap deal. I can not start a family or date (“they” think I’m a homosexual and men still want to be called a “wifey” and I don’t like calling them that). I can not shop at stores or be seen in public (people that are known as “snitches” are violating my privacy everywhere I go with their security cameras-and they identify me on the cameras very quickly-people are known for zooming in on face and tattoos). I can not buy a brand new up-to-date car, purchase a piece of land, or become a homeowner, (because of unemployment and extreme poverty issues). I can not move away so that the childish adult bullies and predators can not hurt me anymore, because my criminal record and background follows me everywhere I go, and I still end up getting exposed, bullied, and rejected in the end.

These issues have been affecting me for nearly a decade, and I can’t escape the poverty. It is extremely sickening to the max, and I can’t wait until it is over. I want the bullies to live their best lives, and I want to go away forever and never be seen or heard from again. I do not want to be tortured by society. It is extremely sickening, and the pain is everlasting.