A sickening level of control: Three different types of cults in America

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By Oya Obinidodo

The U.S.A.-I'm staying isolated from cults, and there are lot of them out there. There are gay cults, racists cults, and the most trickiest- religious cults. According to CBS news, 10,000 cults still exist in the U.S. today. These closely-knit cults and groups are very superior and see me as nothing but a defected, disposable, piece of trash. I do not want to be a part of any of them. This world is very sickening. I do not want to see or look at any of those people, and I do not want them watching me or looking at me. I do not idolize anyone on this planet (earth), and there is no one that I look up to. I do not need a leader. I've grown too tired of their abuse and nastiness. It isn't cute- it's sick. I’m following my own instruction and my own path, for the rest of my life, but it's only natural for me to question the Creator of the universe about my existence, before I leave this earth.

Gay cults 

Gay cults mostly consist of hundreds or thousands of homosexuals, gathered in groups. They eat together, they share meals together, they go to rainbow pride events and rainbow pride stores, they have orgies together, they molest people together, they fantasize about having sex with new recruits together, they share each other, they do everything as a family, and they recruit new people together. Some gay cults, even go so far as to catch AIDS together. This is America, you shouldn't be surprised at the number of gay cults that are out there. Gay cults believe that homosexuality, is superior to any other sexual orientation. I do not want to witness them pleasuring each other.

Racist Cults 

Racist cults are an organization that consist of racist people, of any race or nationality. They will not allow anyone to join them unless you are their race. They believe that all races should cling to their own race, or nationality. Racist cults do not believe that no other race is more superior than their own. I do not want to witness them hating on my skin. 

Religious Cults 

The Religious cults are the most common type of cult. Religious cults believe that all other teachings and knowledge, other than theirs are false. After gay cults, they are the next most dangerous kind of cult. I do not want to witness their physical, sexual, mental, financial abuse, their hugs and love amongst each other, or their false teachings and their false prophecies. It is too disturbing to witness or look at. 

Getting out 

Getting out of a cult is very dangerous. It's very hard to get out of, because millions of people of people are in them. They have been brainwashed, into thinking that their beliefs are right, and that what they believe in, is the only right way. Cult leaders often like to punish people for leaving them. They will spread rumors, tell lies, try to have you murdered, stalk you, steal from you, and beat you. Their favorite tactic, is denying a person that wants to leave the cult of a place to live. Whenever you want to escape a cult, the first thing they will do, is make sure that you have no where else to go or no one else to turn to. That shouldn't stop a person from wanting to get out. According to my research, a person will only get out of a cult if the desire to leave the cult, is stronger than being in it. There have been instances of cult victims leaving after several decades of brainwashing and abuse, because they just couldn't take it anymore. With a strong desire to leave and will power, it can be done. 

The reason why I'm not getting out 

I don't like talking about my religion because people are still very discriminatory, brutal, superior, and sickening, but I still have to write, because I'm a human being and that's what I do with my life. I'm still in a religious cult, because it is the only thing I know. I've been brainwashed for over two decades and have hopped from four different religions. I settled on being in a death cult in 2020, after I stopped being Catholic, because I wanted to escape and I felt like there was no other way than to start preparing for death. I even started getting the death cults branding marks on my body. I show the tattoo off a lot, because it is very serious. I know that I could eventually go overboard, so I divided not to get anymore. However, I am still in the cult to this very day. I don't hang around other cult members nor do I have a cult leader of course, because as you might already know, I am socially isolated indefinitely, do to the abuse I put up with in previous cults. The cults claimed to be Christian, but they were nothing but bullies, sickos, and sinners. They socially isolated me, and now I have no one else to turn to but the religion that I have now. 

Being in a death cult involves worshiping a Saint, (Saint Death), burning candles and praying to the saint. I stopped praying to the Saint on a regular basis, but that doesn't mean that I don't believe. I'm just not in the right environment, because I'm still surrounded by Christians, LDS, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Muslims, and they are very brutal towards me. Luckily, I still have some sort of faith. I'm not an atheist, and I still believe in something higher than me.

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