I'm tired of nasty people: I don't want to get molested or pimped by any more gay people!

By Oya Obinidodo

The DMV area- Today I woke up uncomfortable and sick to my stomach as usual. My life is still in extreme danger. I still don't know anyone in America, and I feel nasty in my own body. I'm still afraid that I'm going to get beat up, stalked, scammed, bullied, or human trafficked by more sickening families and more strange, deadly, diseased people. I'm scared for the rest of my life.  People tell the grossest, unclean, unpure lies on me and they put my life in constant danger, especially men. They are extremely jealous of me and very sickening and racist. They are still trying to accuse me of gross, sick, twisted things that I did not do, and they still want to make me look like a sick twisted murderer and a nasty gay whoremonger. I'm not either one of those things.

The people that hurt me a long time ago are still inside of my head, bullying me, laughing atrociously, raping me, and torturing me every single day. I can't get their sick, big giant, nasty, gross faces out of my head. I've been getting bullied by thousands of gross creepy people for the past ten or more years of my life. They had the most nastiest, grossest, faces and the most funkiest, gayest, incestuous personalities I have ever witnessed. I've been trying to get away from them so I can heal, but I am too poor, and they are all too sickening, racist, and abusive. I spend all of my last days, wishing and hoping, I could leave this earth, somewhere, where they can't hurt me anymore.

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