Gay predators and their families are everywhere and I can’t hide

 By Oya Obinidodo 

The United States- If you don’t know the definition of a decade by now here it is: A decade is defined as a period of 10 years. I woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomach and grossed out and uncomfortable in my own body just like I do every single morning. I’m still living in a house with a pedophile and pimp, because I have no where else to go. I do not like living around other people. I like being alone. People are abusive and predatory. I want to spend the rest of my life alone. I’ve been living in the house with the pedophile and pimp off and on for 34 years. I’m 34- you do the math. I moved out of the pedophile/pimp house and into my own apartment three times during the most recent decade of those 34 years, and I was beat up, bullied, stalked, and tortured even more, because more gay, incestuous predators didn’t want me to escape them. They ran me out of my own apartment, and back into the hands of the incestuous pedophiles that didn’t love me. They wouldn’t stop tracking me and spying on me. The sight of all of their faces is sickening to the max. They all have the gayest, most abusive, nastiest, predatory faces I have ever, ever, saw. It is absolute cruelty, to be forced to be around them. Their faces are extremely gross and filthy looking. They are negligent, controlling, bisexual, and nasty. The predators enjoy me viewing them that way. They like starting arguments and fighting. They love murder and death. It’s disgusting. They are stone cold faggots, and very, very, sloppy and evil. My life is very unfair, because I want to be nice to everyone and get along with everyone. I do not want to call the gay predators names, or stoop down to their level of wickedness and inhumanity.

The world doesn’t care about how unsafe I am: The nastiness, grossest, filthiest, pain that I have ever felt continues to increase 

My pain, is extremely unnatural and gross. I still don’t know anyone on the face of this entire earth. I’ve never had a family. I’ve never had friends. I’ve never had any support. In the past, every single time I met someone new, or reached out to a new program for help (regardless of location)- they only tried to molest me (especially gay, down-low women) stalk me, beat me, rape my two children, steal my property, steal my personal information, rape me, torture me, isolate me, or steal my entire life. Now I really can’t reach out, because the whole world is the same. They are all narcissistic predators, and that is only way I view people now. If I try to change my perspective of them, they will be even more cruel and three times more sickening towards me, because they continue to escalate their nastiness. I don’t even know why was put on this earth. My life is in serious danger. I have no where to turn. I’m always at a high risk for death, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I could die from all of the violence and hate that follows me.

Gay predators and bullies infest my life throughout the entire United States 

The quality of my high-end lifestyle that I used to have, and my mental health, has drastically declined over the past decade. My life just keeps spiraling downwards, and I just keep getting poorer and more battered and neglected by all of those black incest families that stick together, with the nasty looking faces. I’m never going to make any progress around predators. I’m homeless and in the system, so what can I do about it? I can’t make them stop being gross, abusive, faggot, and evil. What is even more disturbing, is how the incestuous, nosey, predators and gay pedophiles notice my body moving around. They are so dirty and gross, that they can spot me even when I’m fully covered up in 3 or more layers of clothes and a face covering and I’m only seen for a few minutes or seconds. I’m never anywhere for a long time, and I don’t go to peoples houses (they are all sexual predators) or shop at public stores. Even when I have to go to a post office to quickly drop off a package, or quickly run into a pharmacy for mental health medication- I still feel extremely nauseous and sick to my stomach the entire few minutes that I’m spotted in there. The gay predators, bullies, goofies, and stalkers still seem to know that it’s me, underneath all of those clothes. 

A few months ago, back in June, one of the random unknown bullies and predators out there sent me a message online saying that they wanted to see me vomiting more, because they were getting off to it. It was sickening and the predators harassment has escalated and gotten much more dangerous than it was in the past. It sickened the living daylights out of me, knowing that they were getting off to sight of seeing me vomit so much. 

Extreme violence surrounds me: I want the predators to be completely blocked from my eyesight and my ears forever 

I never look the predators in the eye, and I don’t know what they look like in the face anymore. I don’t even like getting a short glimpse at the color of their hands, their rings, watches, or seeing their fingernails when I’m buying something or dropping something off. It hurts just to have to see that. That is the only part of them that I am still forced to look at, because I do not have a trustworthy bodyguard or a trustworthy assistant, that can handle those errands for me. If I did, my life would be a lot easier, and I would get bullied by predators a lot less. I hate hearing their voices, so I usually try to drown them out with music or earphones. When a predator speaks to me, I complete ignore them. Sometimes they will harass me until I say something, and it is extremely, dangerous. 

The feeling that the creeps give me, is extremely sickening, and the infestation of predators and families that want to harm me, has quadrupled over the past year. I don’t know how to survive the level of pain, torture, and hate that they cause. It is absolutely disgusting. They only spot me for a few minutes, but they still know that it’s me. They are very, very, very, very, nasty. I wish that they didn’t even see a shadow of me. I don’t even want them to spot me hiding in plain sight for a split second. My life is overly grossly infested with greedy, hurtful, selfish, murderous gay predators that lurk, bully, torture, and stalk my every move, and they said that they will never, ever, back off of me. They will usually tell me to “kill yourself”.