Top 3 bucket list states in America to Visit

By Oya Obinidodo 

The following list consist consist of places in America you should visit.

Disclaimer: Please understand that when visiting these places from far away, you must have the proper funds to support yourself, and a back up emergency plan, in case something goes wrong.  

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#1 Alaska

Alaska is very isolated. I’ve never been to Alaska, but according to my study, it is very lonely and poverty infested. It also gets very dark outside very fast, and it is more darkness, than daylight. It is very cold in Alaska and you will be exposed to lots of snow. They have polar bears, wolves, moose. There are a lot of icy waters. They have a lack of entertainment, and need to talent to come there. Alaska also has a narcotics problem.

If you’re traveling to Alaska from the East Coast, or an area even farther, please be careful. It cost a lot of money to live comfortably in Alaska, and it is extremely far away. Going to Alaska poor, is never a good idea, unless you want to end up outside homeless in hypothermia induced, below freezing temperatures. You can’t depend on a program to save you. They will leave you outside to freeze to death, just like all of the other people you see out there homeless with no money. You won’t be a special case, and they aren’t going to rush to your aid, so plan carefully. 

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#2 Missouri 

I’ve did a-lot of research on Missouri. Missouri is a great spot for camping. They have a lot of free or extremely affordable campsites, with hookups and amenities, for under $20. There are also plenty of cheap hotels. Your money could stretch a long way. If you’re by yourself, don’t stay too long, because random people could target you, and stalk you. Don’t give out any personal information, and check to make sure you’re not being watched, using a anti spy device. I always recommend them for traveling because they can provide you with an extra sense of safety and security while traveling alone. If you’re traveling from the East Coast, you might want to move around to different spots or flee the area altogether, after you’re done seeing all you wish to see. It’s overall not a cool state at all. There are hotspots for human trafficking, stalking, spying, and crime such as Kansas City. St. Louis, however is a good area for creators and musicians. There’s a lot of stuff to see. Don’t go to St. Louis if you don’t fall into one of those two categories. 

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#3 West Virginia 

West Virginia is a great place to visit. They have a lot of scenic Mountain views, and affordable places to camp for under $20. New River Gorge, is the newest national park in America, and brings in millions of visitors per year. It is West Virginia’s brand new main attraction. It is completely free to camp at New River Gorge, and the park is open all year round. There are other cool places to camp at in WV. There are a lot of deer crossing the road, do not to hit them. There have also been lots of black bear sightings in the state. They are being hunted and killed like never before. If you’re a bear lover, the statistics might upset you. However if you’re a bear hunter, a deer hunter, a hiker, or a mountain climber, then WV is the place for you!

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