Scammed for life: Three stores based on true events about the time I got scammed


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By Oya Obinidodo 

The cell phone scam 

I went online to purchase a cell phone. I was extremely excited about the new IPhone 13. As I was scrolling through a bunch of online classified ads, I saw one on sale for $500, and they usually cost around $800. I wanted a pink one. It mentioned in the ad, that the phone was brand new. I called the number on the ad and the seller said that it is still available, and that I could meet him later that afternoon. I met the seller in the parking lot of an unpopular coffee shop, in the west part of the city. I asked him if I could use the phone to see if it works, before I spend so much money. He was hesitant, but he agreed. I reached into my purse and pulled out $500. I handed it to him, and as soon as I handed it to him, he immediately snatched the IPhone 13 right out of my hand and hopped in his vehicle and sped off. He was driving a tan jeep, with the license plates “HELLHELL”. He was wearing all black and was wearing a hood. 

I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do. I had just gotten scammed out of $500. I started to cry. I reached for my old phone and was sick to my stomach. I had no emergency contacts and only $5 to my name. I was 45 minutes away from where I was sleeping, and I didn’t have any gas in my car. I didn’t call the police, because I had recently watched a documentary about police in the area raping and killing innocent people. I stood at the coffee shop for about 9 hours asking people for money, and telling them that I just got scammed. It was extremely humiliating, and I was scared a police would show up anyway. I had never felt so disgusted in all of my life. I eventually came up with $15. It was enough money to put gas in my vehicle, and leave the scene. 

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The strip club scam 

“Get out of here right now! You’re fired!, and don’t come back!” were the first words I heard right after I was bullied by a mob down-low strippers. I had gotten fired the night a stranger approached me in the club. I recently went into the club that morning, to apply for a dancer position. The manager said “You’re hired, you have a nice body. Come back at nine. Make sure you fix your hair and put on some nice makeup. Don’t come back up here looking the way you do now.” I smiled at the funny looking man and said “Thanks. What should my name be?”

He replied “You look like a Pearl, because your body is so gorgeous and you are like a rare gem, at the bottom of the sea. Your name will be Pearl.” 

I said in excitement “Great! I’ll be here at nine!”. The manager guy said he wouldn’t be there but the bartender will know to let me go to the back dressing room. I left the club. 

After I left, I went to a hair salon. I spent $120 on my new look for the club. Then, I went to a lingerie shop, and purchased a 2 new bikinis, and a pair of platform boots. The total came to $120 again. So far, I’d spent $240. Then I went to purchase some makeup, which came to $40. I ended up spending $280 for my first night. After going back to the club at nine, I felt funny. I knew something was wrong about the environment. It felt extremely violating and uncomfortable. I also felt a little gay, after seeing two women in the corner dancing together for a customer. I ignored the warning and continued to change clothes. I danced for one weird looking guy sitting by the bar. He gave me $3. About an hour later, a DJ walked in. He said that I have to give him $15, every single night or I can’t work there. I said okay, assuming that I would make way more that  that. I didn’t make more than that. As a matter of fact after dancing for about 5 hours, I had only made $40. I knew something wasn’t right about working there. It felt gay. 

I went back into the dressing room and one of the girls said “You like women don’t you. That’s why you’re here”. 

I replied to the nasty dancer and said “No I don’t. I’m here because I want to make money from these guys that come in here, the same reason you should be here.” 

The nasty girl said “ You like girls and I know you do because my homeboy, brother said you do.”

I began to feel disrespected, angry, and confused. Who was she talking about? Who is her homeboys brother? I had just moved in town 3 days ago, and I don’t have any friends or any men in my life, other than the gentlemen I was dancing for that night. The girl was telling a bold face lie. 

I said to the girl “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t even know anyone in this entire country.” 

That seemed to make the sick dancer even more of a predator. After I said that, she yelled “Ayyyyy Nisha! Go get the rest of the girls and tell them to come back here and then go get the manager!” After the ugly dancer started yelling, I knew it was time to get the hell out of that club and never return. I started to get dressed but I wasn’t fast enough. 

After I started putting my pants on, 5 dancers barged into the dressing room. The manager stormed in 3 minutes later. The ugly nameless stripper pointed at me and said to the manager on duty “This the one! This the one right here that was back here trying to fondle my breast!” 

I looked at the other dancers in fear. What in the hell kind of sick situation did I get myself into? All I wanted was to make enough money for a downpayment on a new condo. 

The girls all shook their heads and said “Yeah that’s her. Pearl tried to get us to lick her, and then she started trying to touch all of us while we was changing. She gotta go”. They had all agreed to the same sick lie. The manager looked at me in disgust. 

I said to the manager “ EW! They are telling a bold face lie! I just got here today! I don’t even know these women! I’ll leave, but please don’t hurt me! They are lying!” I started feeling like I was going to vomit everywhere. I grabbed my belongings and headed for the door. 

The manager said while blocking the exit door, “Not so fast! You’re not going anywhere until you pay the DJ and the House fee. And I should call the cops on you for trying to rape those girls!” 

The vomit I was holding exploded everywhere. There was vomit all over my clothes and shoes. I replied with vomit on my breath “How much is the house fee? 

The nasty, shady, manager responded “Today is Saturday so that’ll be $50 please, and don’t forget to pay the DJ on the way out, or we’ll will be standing by your car ready to kick your ass!” 

I said “But I don’t even have $50, I only made $40.” 

He said “Open up your bags, wallet, and show me!”

I showed the sick manager that I only had $40. He said “I’ll take that. Thank you.” Then a minute later as I was walking toward the exit while I was holding back tears, from the sick humiliation I had just went through, he yelled “Get out of here right now! You’re fired! and don’t come back!” in front of the whole club. 

After I got inside my car and sped off, I realized I had gotten scammed. The evil dancers concocted a plan to make me look like I was in there to rape women, and the club charged me all those fees that I couldn’t afford. I couldn’t afford the fees, because I couldn’t make any real money. I couldn’t make any real money, because the dancers were jealous of the money I was starting to make, and started telling the customers I was a gay dancer. That’s when I realized that I was being set up. I never returned to another club again, and I still live with the shame of the false rumors and lies to this very day. I never made any money, and I wasted a lot of cash, just to go in there.

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The apartment scam 

After searching online, through numerous classified ads, I thought I had found the perfect apartment. The apartment met my needs for affordability and locality. I was thrilled about moving into my new spot. I drove to the rental office one cool Monday morning, to put down a down payment and security deposit of $2,200. The apartment was so close to everything, the mall, all the cool looking skyscrapers, and all the restaurants, and bars. It was the perfect city view. After living in the apartment for about 2 months, I knew something was off. I kept getting weird, creepy packages from random guys. Some of them were flowers, others were letters. I didn’t even know who they were coming from. I continued to live inside of the apartment and go on about my normal routine for another month. I felt so much better, because the letters and flower packages stopped. For the next 2 months, I didn’t receive anything. 

One day, I came home from the gym and there was a package at my door. I opened the package and it was a DVD. After I went inside my living room, cut the TV on, put the DVD in, and then I plopped down on the sofa. My heart immediately sank. It was me taking a shower. I was completely nude. The video of me taking a shower lasted for about 5 minutes, and then another video of me taking a shower came on directly after. Then another one, and another one. Altogether, it was about an hour worth of footage. I was so in shock and felt so dirty and sick, that I started to cry. I took the DVD to the rental office in fear. I didn’t know who else to turn to. I didn’t know who was sending the packages. 

The rental office manager, who was an older married black guy, said “I’m the one that sent you the packages. I fell in love with you from the time I saw you moving in. You’re sexy as hell and you have a nice body.”

I was sick to the core by that point. I noticed the ring on his left hand. I pointed to it and said “Aren’t you married, why would you do this to me?” 

He replied “What my wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Now come over here and sit on my lap. I want those sweet nipples in my mouth.” 

I was over it. I walked towards the door and said “I’m moving.” 

He said “ No the hell you aren’t. By the time I post the video of you talking a shower everywhere, no one is going to want you, and I’m not giving you your security deposit back. I’m going to make it look like you destroyed my property. You might wanna rethink that and come sit on daddy’s lap. I have a lot of copies of that shower video ya know.” 

I was grossed out to the max by the sick creep of a property manager. “Ew.” is all I said and walked out of his office. I shed a-lot of tears inside my apartment because I knew the sicko had planted cameras in there, and was stalking me. I felt like no one would believe me. I was so afraid. I started packing and I moved out of that sickening apartment that very night. I don’t know where to find the videos, and I don’t know how to get my $2,200 deposit back. About a week later, I tried to sue the pervert in court. I lost the case, because he destroyed the property like he said he would, and told the judge I did it, and the judge brought the predatory man’s lie. He told everyone in the courtroom that I destroyed the property, because I was jealous of his relationship with his wife, and that I’m just a lonely pathetic woman wanting to be in his wife’s shoes. I’ve been homeless every since, and the way I was scammed and sexually violated will haunt me and traumatize for the rest of my entire life. 

*All three of these stories, are based on real events.