I am a human being: Things I don’t let women do

By Oya Obinidodo 

The United States- I don’t like females. They are pedophiles and they are bullies. Some of them try to be men, and wish they had a penis down there. I don’t like being around them, looking at them, listening to them, or seeing them. They are funky, and they make my skin crawl 24/7. They make me feel sick in my own skin and body. Here are some of the things that I don’t allow women to do to me. No one made these decisions for me, I did. I have a mind to think for myself, and I don't follow the instructions of others. 

I won't allow them to touch my hair or put makeup on my face 

I don’t want those big, unnatural, sickening, nasty predators anywhere near my hair or face. I would never let them do my hair. I can’t even afford to go to a salon. Why would I want to pay a big, nasty, gay bully to do my hair? It just doesn’t make sense. They could have a disease. 

I won’t allow them to speak up for me

I won’t allow them to speak for me or back up anything that I say. Women should keep their mouths closed, because I do not know any of them. They are sickening, brutal, and extremely gross. I can speak up for myself. I do not want any faggot women, acting like they agree with what I say, or being fake overprotective of me. I do not want their fake protection. I have my own voice, and I know how to stand up for myself. I do not need their help. Women, are not in my life, they do not support me, and they will remain non existent forever. 

I won't allow them to invite me to a church

Women can not invite me to a church. The answer is no. I do not view church-going women as holy people. I view myself as holy. I didn't need them bringing me down. A church is nothing but an infestation of unholy sinners. It's no telling what the people sitting in there have done with their lives, and I don't want to know. I'm not nosey, and I don't care. I don't like the way church women dress. I don't want to see any part of you. Not even your hands or feet. 

I won't allow them to pet my animal

I do not allow those HIV positive vagina-bumping, monkey-looking women to touch my animal. When women ask if they can pet my animal, I immediate tell them no or ignore them. I don’t want them in my face. It is extremely gross and violating, and having a predator in my face, is worse than death. 

I won't rap in front of them or give them a autograph  

My books and music are not for women. If you are a woman and you are reading this, don’t. I feel violated knowing that you’re watching me. 

I won't allow them to offer me money 

Women can not offer me money for sex or for anything. I’ve always told them no. The more I tell them no, the more narcissistic, racist, and jealous they are. They will even make false accusations against me, for turning their body down. Even when I was a escort a long time ago, I was not a gay one. I was just a regular one. I never committed any homosexual acts or took money from those female predators. They are disgusting, and they are a disgrace to humanity. I am not like the others. I want to be separated and secluded from ALL women. I don't want them to harm me, rape me, or attack me. 

Getting into a fight with a woman, is extremely traumatic, ignorant, harmful, and gay. That's why they need to back off. They will snitch if I fight back, and I will lose. Then they will go back to being gay and racist to someone else, until I get out of prison. They'll probably start bullying by two kids while I'm in there. They'll probably try to molest them, neglect them, spy on them, or try to steal all their money or all their property like they do to me. That's how evil and nasty they are to me, and it is unacceptable. I'm too cool to be fighting nasty, sloppy, ugly women, and packs of transgender men with breast and polish on their nails. I do not want to be around women with beards, mustaches, and breast. It's nasty. Even if their beards and mustaches are removable. They're no different than a man that takes off his hair and false fingernails. 

I won't allow them to take a picture with me 

Taking pictures with women is gay. They are all bullies and they are all gross and nasty. I would not want to be seen anywhere with them. Not in public, and not in a picture. They are a disease and they are hurtful. Taking pictures with women is extremely violating. I feel like I’m getting molested by them, just standing near them. No way, will I ever take a picture with those disgusting, dirty, inhumane freaks out there. 

I won't allow them to cook for me, offer me food, or invite me to their house 

I will never go to a woman’s house. They might try to rape or molest me. They might try to poison me or spy on me. They might try to frame me for something I didn’t do. They are sick and they can’t be trusted with my life. I also don’t wanna see any women hugging or holding hands. It is extremely gross, and the sound of their voices talking is very petrifying. They can not include me in their circle. If they are trying to force me, then they are a pedophile, a hooker, a rapist, and a HIV infected and incestuous lesbian. I don’t want women, and I don’t want to look at them. Women can not call me “family” or a “friend”. They are all completely bogus strangers trying to prey on me. I don't know any of them or anything about them. 

I won't allow them to show me their body or be half dressed around me 

If a woman shows me their body or walk around half dressed around me, than they obviously don’t respect me. I’m not a man, and I don’t want a homosexual around me, showing off. I don’t care about those cootie having, nasty, gay, dirty women. I am not a slave, and I am not a homosexual. They all are grossly disgusting and negligent. It’s sick. 

I won't allow them to speak to me or say hello in person

Women can not speak to me or say hi. I don’ know them and they are all pedophiles and strangers. I don’t know anything about any women on earth. I don’t know what their name is, how old they are, where they’re from, where they live, who their parents are, or who they’re related to. They don’t want me to know any of that information so why in the hell would I want to carry on a conversation with them? Those gay pieces of trash don't even trust me enough to tell me anything about themselves. I’m not talking to a stranger. All women are strangers. I was bullied by them all. They can not violate me anymore. They are too unnatural and gay. I don’t want anything they have. I don’t want them to risk their own life, thinking they’re bad enough to approach me, because they’re not. 

I will not allow them to look to me for protection, safety, or security and vice versa- I ain't gay

It's your boyfriend, husband, or family's job to protect you, not mine. I don't protect women. Just because I don't want to fight them, doesn't mean I'm their protection. Any woman that believes that I'm protecting them, is a sick, nasty, dirty, bitch. I don't have any family or friends to protect. I only have my self to protect. The only person I'm concerned about protecting, is me. If I ever catch another case, it is NOT for you and it a NOT about you. Women that fight for each other and go to jail for each other are extremely homosexual and dangerous for me to be around. I can not be in the presence of HIV. Any man that tells women that I want a wife, is a homosexual that has sex with multiple men. If they are a woman or a group of women telling people that I want a wife, they are a dirty, foul, homosexual that has sex with multiple women. If they are a couple telling people I want a wife, they are child predators and want to steal my children away. All of them are all bogus frauds, and I do not like women. I am NOT in the lgbtq+ community. I do not catch cases for women, and I do not go to jail for them. If I ever get locked up, it had nothing to do with a funky ass FEMALE. Yuck! 

On the flip side, I do not need a female bodyguard or a female gang or a female girlfriend. I do not need a female anything. If it is woman-based, I am not interested. That does not mean I'm a tomboy, it simply means I do not want to be around them, because I do not trust any of them with my life. 

I will not allow them to ask me for money or try to sell me anything 

I don't pay women at all. Not for hair services, make up services, yard sale services, camping and glamping rental services, security services, travel services, bodyguard and security services, car valet services, marijuana services, grocery delivery services, rap concert performers, r&b concert performers, tickets to any type of female musicians, chauffer services, dog grooming services, religious services, conferences and conventions, tickets for public speakers or female preachers, or any other kinds of services. Women can not get one brown penny out of me. I can do everything without them. I will not die if “women” never know who I am. My life will be much better. I do not make any face-to-face contact with them, and it was not a man that made the decision for me. I chose not to hang around the funky looking “women” on my own.

I do not purchase anything from women. I do not go anywhere where there is a huge or overcrowded infestation of women at all. If I buy or rent something online, I do not want to know if the seller is a woman or man. I do not care. If I see their face, I'm scrolling past them and I'm shopping somewhere else. I learned my lesson. Women are cruel. If they have “woman based” in their business profile, I won't shop there. I'm ignoring the hell OUT OF THESE FUNKY GROUPS OF DYKING WOMEN and men. I will not give a mans wife or baby mother ANYTHING! I wouldn't even buy a cup of water from a woman if I was thirsty. I wouldn't even trust it. Dehydration would be better. 

*the information in this blog also applies to transgender women/men and ex transgender women/men