Solo Camping: The reason why you should always prepare for a fire

Solo Camping: The reason why you should always prepare for a fire 

By Oya Obinidodo 

I spent most of my life traveling. I always wanted to see the world and explore new opportunities. I never had anyone to travel with, so I decided that I must travel and see the world alone. It is very dangerous, but death is going to happen to me anyway, so why not. I can’t be afraid of anything. My poverty level won’t allow me to be. Life is extremely difficult. My biggest fear in the desert and wilderness isn’t falling, or drowning, it’s dying in a wildfire, or a murderer. What should happen if I am out camping alone in dry desert heat, or in dry areas where there is little to no rainfall, and wildfires happen often? Well, from what I learned, there are several options to protecting myself from a fire. Here is a list of supplies that can, and will be used. 

Fire extinguisher 

Purchasing a fire extinguisher can help put out a fire. Firefighters use them all the time. There are different fire extinguishers on the market and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are made for the home, a boat, an RV, or a car. If you’re going to purchase one, make sure you read the reviews on the product, to see if they really work. Some of them are actually quite dangerous, while others actually work. 

Fire Blankets 

Fire blankets can protect you from a fire, if you wrap it around your body while exiting the fire. You can also use the fire blanket to put out small fires, such as a small fire on the stove, or grill. 

Fire escape ladder 

A fire escape ladder can help you escape a fire from a second story window, if a fire happens to occur. There are also fire evacuation devices for animals. Perhaps you’re in a cabin in the woods and a fire breaks out. You’ll be better safe than sorry. 

Flame retardant spray 

There are several flame retardant sprays on the market that will reduce or prevent burning. There are different kinds, depending on the surface you will be spraying. There are sprays for walls, wood, and fabrics. Glass is a material that is naturally flame resistant, but more than likely, you won’t be camping behind any glass. The spray can be used to spray down fabrics that are not water resistant. If it is water resistant, the flame retardant will not work. You have to apply the flame retardant to your stuff every so often, to make sure it still there. 

Flame resistant clothing 

Flame resistant hats, pants, gloves, and suits should all do the trick when escaping a fire. It is better to be prepared, than to not be. You should be able to escape a fire and remain alive, while wearing flame resistant clothes. 

The Rain 

Regular old rain water will also do the trick. If you’re in an area where it rains a lot, then it should automatically protect you from a fire. Heavy rain can douche out a potential fire extremely fast. 

Next time I’m out in the wilderness alone, (and I always am, because people are sickening to me and want me to die) I’ll make sure I’m strapped with all the anti-fire supplies I need to make it out the deadly heat alive. I’ll make sure I don’t smoke cigarettes in National Parks, or keep gas cans with 30 meters of where I’m camping. I’ll make sure I pay attention to fires in the firepit. I’ll use as much common sense as possible. Not a single fire will be my fault. Wildfires especially, are extremely deadly. A single, small fire can stretch for thousands, and thousands of acres without any sign of slowing down. At the first sign of smoke, I’ll make sure get the hell out of there. Do not start a fire around me. Like Smokey The Bear said the the 90’s, only you can prevent wildfires.