The brutal lesson I learned from trespassing and “squatting” on peoples property

The brutal lesson I learned from trespassing and “squatting” on peoples property

By Oya Obinidodo 

The United States- A long time ago, back when I used to be a loiterer and a trespasser, I got harassed by the police a lot, especially in the city Atlanta. That is where my poverty crisis, squatting, and trespassing originally started. Today, I am still very homeless. I was being bullied very bad, like I am now, except worse. I didn’t have a car, or any property to my name. I was roaming around the city completely stripped of my self worth. I had no clothes, no food, and no money. I didn’t even have a dollar to my name or any government assistance checks coming in. It was horrible. I used to creep into empty hotel rooms, that the housekeepers left open, and hide in them. I would sleep in the stairways of hotels. I would sleep in hotel bathrooms. I would sit outside of the grocery stores looking for food and water. I was dirt poor. I would ride the subway train all day just to sleep. It was pure poverty. I am telling a true story. All of this really happened. No one would give me anything. I was a pahandler, and the entire world hated me. I would sit in hotels lobby’s acting like I was going to buy a room, and in airports acting like I was going to purchase a ticket, because I was broke, poor, destitute, and helpless. I would sleep on park benches in the middle of the night. I would hide in 24 hour gyms just to take a shower and sleep, hoping no one would find me. I would hang at 24 hour restaurants, just to urinate. I was everywhere. I would sit outside all night and pray for someone to help me. I had no camping supplies, and I was not a camper at all. I did not know how to camp, nor did I know the state laws on trespassing. No one was there for me, not a single soul. No one gave me anything but a couple of one dollar bills and cold sandwiches to eat. I will never go back to Atlanta ever again, or the whole state or Georgia. 

In Florida 

In Miami, I went through the same exact thing. I had a car back then, and I would ride around and look for places to park. I would park at apartment complexes, and act like I was waiting for someone to come out. I would park in front of hotels, and sleep in the car. I would park at penthouses in South Beach a lot, and hide in their public bathrooms. I slept in a shelter. I did a lot, just to escape all of the bullies, threats, abuse, incarceration, and trouble I was in. People donated a lot of money in Miami. I roughly made about $400 a night. I didn’t want to get a hotel room every single night either. I only wanted to stay in the hotel room with the top floor city view, and I could barely afford it. I had gotten used to sleeping outside by that point, and kept all the money for myself. I found places to take showers at, and I regret it, because the city is infested with hidden cameras. There are cameras in almost every single public place, including gym showers, public bathrooms, bars, and most certainly- strip clubs and brothels. Hidden cameras are just about everywhere you go in Miami, and in other major cities in Florida like Tampa. There are also thousands of hidden cameras in Pompano Beach, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Orlando, Jacksonville, and other cities. I will never let another hidden camera see my body naked ever again. It’s a lot of voyeurs, nudists, undercover transgenders, AIDS patients, homeless people, meth addicts, unemployed people, rapists, pedophiles, ephebophiles, hebophiles, swingers, police that will bust you for the smallest things, voodoo priest and priestesses, cannibals, Satanist, and flat out sexual predators, so stay safe out there. Florida has the funniest looking people in the world. 

If you decide you wanna go to Miami and show off all of your body ink, just know that people  will be watching and spying, and taking pictures and recording videos of you to keep for the rest of their lives. If you’re walking around or dancing ass naked out there, just know that a bunch of people in the city will have the proof and hold onto it. If you ever decide to put some clothes back on, it isn’t going to work. The whole city will have already seen you completely nude, and they will never, ever, ever, forget. I will never go back to Florida ever again, not even to record music, and that is the most realistic thing I have ever said. I’m not invited there. I’m not a prostitute or a stripper, nor do I take their advice. 

In Washington D.C.

In the District of Columbia, I went through the same lame poverty. I slept outside on the ground with no sleeping bag in the middle of the city, month after month. I am not ashamed to tell my story. I slept outside night after night in the cold, with my pit pull at the time (RIP), with a jar in my hand begging for pennies. Pennies that I never received. The District of Columbia is a very harsh, and brutal environment. I barely collected enough pennies to purchase a bag of chips. In Washington D.C., I never slept in a homeless shelter or a hospital because they won’t allow anyone in unless you’re a D.C. resident. It’s either a hotel, a hostel, a random strangers basement, or the sidewalk.

Danger and terror is real and present on the streets of District of Columbia 

I wouldn’t recommend accepting an invitation down into anyones basement for any reason, if you are alone (like I am), because the stranger could take your phone and all of your stuff and lock you in there, without food and water. If you’re unwanted like me, no one will notice that you went missing, and they won’t come looking for you. People in the area might even know that you’re in there, and won’t even care. They’ll play it off like they don’t know you’re in any danger. The locals will all laugh hysterically. It can get pretty sick. They’ll all say things like “Who told her she (or him) could come here in the first place, that’s why she (or he) should’ve stayed where they were!”. They are very funny acting. The entire D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area is extremely cruel and dangerous.


I wouldn’t recommend setting up a tent or a campsite anywhere in the D.C. area, either, nor would I recommend trespassing. It’s too polluted and dangerous. I heard on the street, that the jail is extremely sickening and that there is no way to get out of there because there is no such thing as a bond. I heard that it is extremely filthy like the ones in Virginia, except nastier. While watching a recent television news broadcast, I found out that the jail was denying people of food and water, and that they are very brutal and disgusting. There are also a lot of murderers, cartel members, homosexuals, Islamic terrorist, and cold blooded mobsters running the area. There are hundreds of gangs, including the Italian Mafia, also called the Costra Nostra and the Black Mafia Family, also known as BMF. BMF is alive and active to this very day. According to my own research, Washington D.C. still holds the record for having the shortest lifespan for African Americans, and the longest lifespan for Caucasians in the entire United States. These statistics frighten me, because of my skin color. It is very shameful. In D.C., you never know when your lifespan will be cut short. If you’re heavy in the streets like I am, you might wanna watch your whole back, and sleep with one eye open.

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In New York 

In New York City, I never experienced any extreme poverty because I never stayed there long enough to see any. It was just regular poverty. I’ve never visited or seen any other city in the state of New York other than New York City, also called “The big Apple”. I've never even been to Staten Island or BX. I don't know what it looks like over there. I only been to Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. I'm literally from the streets. I can't make this up. I even had a scary dream a half a decade ago, that I was going to get a bunch of ink tatted across my chest and I don't want to explain what it represents, but the dream actually came to life. It's real out there. I went to see what was there. I wanted to see if I could get survival money out of those phoney, wealthy, powerful suckas there, but I was left to fend for my own. It's a cold, harsh world and I know my way around. I've visited those three boroughs over 50 times so I could figure it out. I haven't been to any tourist attractions while there other than the local pizza joints. Every time I travel to New York City, I leave within 24 hours. I’m in and out of the city faster than you can blink. I even took my kid once, so I could show him how fast paced it looks. New York City is the fastest moving city in all of the United States of America. The city moves at a such a lightening paced fast speed, you could get left as soon as you enter. If I must go, I have to leave within 24 hours (the lifespan of a mayfly), or I’m basically dead meat out there. I can’t survive. I'll be dead in a matter of hours, if I stay longer than a day. The longest I have ever lasted in NYC is two weeks at a time. I'm surprised that I lasted that long. I've lasted for two weeks at three different locations- a hotel, a hostel, and a detox center. I still don't wanna be there anymore because those places are unacceptable now. I can no longer enter them due to the lack of humanity that lies within them.

I never even thought of the “bright” idea to put in an application at the NYC housing authority because judging from all the people hanging out on the outside of the project buildings, the inside of the project buildings are probably dangerous and life threatening. Why would I want to go inside of buildings with hundreds of gang related people hanging outside in front of them? Some of them wear colors that I will never, ever, wear. I can’t just walk in there and make up my own gang can I? What kind of intimidating feeling would I have to go through to get past all those people? How much violence would I be facing? I don't ever wanna find out. I didn't wanna know what the inside or the back of the buildings look like. 

If I had put in an application at the housing authority a decade ago, they'd probably be accepting me around now. But I don't wanna live in the NYC projects because that's not my style. I’ve never even seen the inside of a NYC project building because I had heard stories of random victims getting.......You know what, never mind. It's not even safe, and I never assumed it to be. Where's my money? I gotta get it somehow. If the money isn't matching up with the lightening paced speed of the biggest city in the U.S., then it isn't enough. I can't go missing out there or I'll just be another missing persons case. 

In California 

In California, I was poor. I slept in shelters, hotels, the houses and hotel rooms of human traffickers, on the bottom of tractor trailer trucks, outside on the sidewalk in front of buildings, on trains, on buses, and in cars. I stayed outside there for several months. The poverty level was was sickening to the core. It was yucky and infested with rats, roaches, porn stars, strippers, drug dealers, dirtier, disease infested homeless people, fiends, actors, rappers, fake millionaires, spies, murderers, thieves, crooked police, and thousands, if not millions of human traffickers and gang members. 

In Virginia 

In Virginia, I went through the same exact poverty. I slept in several unsanitary and sickening jails, hospitals, detox centers, homeless shelters, hotels, hotel parking lots, in front of gas stations, on the sidewalk of random residential neighborhoods, in bus stations, and train stations, in front of stores, in gay people houses, in the houses of voyeurs and spies, in a lot of undercover brothels, and in hotel bathrooms. It was the most dangerous, embarrassing experience of all time. All of the places were unsafe and infested with gays, snitches, liars, cyber bullies, and thieves. The area is still infested with hillbillies and snitches to this day. It is extremely difficult to escape the poverty infestation and all of the nasty inbred people. I would not recommend solo camping anywhere in the state of Virginia. There is no city that is safer than another. They are all equally dangerous and infested. Also, be careful who you give your personal information to, even if you have to fill out a form or an application somewhere. People will use your personal information to stalk you or force you into human trafficking. If you’re alone, and don’t know anyone, keep your whereabouts extremely discreet, when passing through, and don’t try to be seen in public places at all. It won’t be okay to go out in public unless you know someone that you trust that can help rescue you if something was to happen. Don’t talk to strangers, they will not be your protection, and they will not become long term friends with you, or keep you safe. 

Be very careful when traveling to Virginia. Someone might plot on your whole campsite, sex traffick you at your hotel room, plant a hidden camera in your rental or vacation house, carjack you, mug you, or even try to murder or violently assault you, just for being there. You might even get arrested just for hanging around the wrong person. There have been cases of people being imprisoned for stuff they did not do at all, but they were hanging around as an accomplice. The person who committed the crime around you, will snitch faster than you can blink. It happens all the time. There are hundreds of thousands of very nasty, dangerous, nosey, and sadistic people out there. If you’re alone and completely helpless, I personally recommend fleeing the state altogether, and leaving immediately with whatever money you have. It could potentially save your life. I wouldn’t recommend calling any type of crisis hotline for assistance, because they will only take advantage of you. 

Do your research 

These days, I do my research before I go anywhere in the United States. I check the news to see if there are any recent wildfires, animal attacks, or missing people. I also check weather apps, to make sure the weather is feasible, and I check camping apps and other websites to see where I can park for free. I make sure I can sleep there before I go, even if I have to sleep in my car. You can’t just park anywhere and sleep. Even some picnic areas, rest areas, and recreation areas aren’t free. Some of them charge a fee. You can’t just pull over to any old recreation area and sit at a picnic table. The facility might charge $2, $5, or even $50 or more use to use the spot. You have to check online before stopping. It can save your life and your freedom. 

Life for me is very hard. It is called trespassing and the cops will be hot on your tail like they were on mine. People sit inside their little air conditioned/heated properties and snitch to the police all day long, or they drive around in their air conditioned fancy cars looking for a new face to snitch on, and I don’t want to give them one. If society sees you out there- they’re telling. It’s a cold, cruel, nasty world, and they are out to get me. Hotels, houses, and log cabins are for the rich and I’m not rich. I barely have enough money for a one night stay. 

I’m always struggling to survive in this cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, world. If I call you snitch, your life must be bad. Some people in society snitch on the smallest things, such as where I am parked, or where I am sleeping, so I have to watch my back. Winter is only months away, and it will be a cold and harsh one.