A note to myself: Life threatening Suffolk, VA travel felony warning

By Oya Obinidodo 

⚠️Life threatening warning⚠️:

The United States- Do not shop in Suffolk just because it seems friendly. It’s not! Do not even shop there to use a free card. Do not go to the pharmacy or any other stores. Being close to the stores STILL isn’t worth the risk. Do not stay near them. All Those big, nasty, gay, pedophiles still want to rape, neglect, and torture me. Stay away from them. They are fake, extremely faggot, brutal, and sloppy. 

  • be aware of big nasty predators and big, nasty, gay monsters and incestuous families in the surrounding areas: Windsor, Franklin, Smithfield, Carrollton, PortsmouthNorfolk, Virginia BeachChesapeake, Hampton, Newport NewsRichmond, Petersburg, Williamsburg, northern VA, Gates county North Carolina, outer banks North Carolina  (I still have criminal cases in 5 of the 7 cities- do not let the sick, close, predators CAP-do not catch any new charges- those predators are for EACH OTHER)
  • Do not travel to the areas in bold AT ALL - death, AIDS, and incarceration awaits, please be advised that there will be no other opportunities there. All the areas in bold must be traveled to with heavy security or BODYGUARDS or can’t go at all.
  •  Do not used a untrained dog for security. All security animals must have a security license. Training is over $10,000, so I can’t use a goddamn animal for protection. I don’t have $10,000.
  • 🚫Do not join another gang. They will torture me, beat me, rape me, and throw me in a jail with nothing afterwards for fighting back. They will do all of those things to me. They are selfish, sick, nosey, twisted, gay, faggot, mean, brutal pedophiles and they will NEVER care. Do not join. Do not pay attention to all those abusive nasty trannys. That’s all they are- gay people!🚫

Beware of more predators in other states because they are all GAY and they are all NASTY and for Each other. Do not let them drag me down any further!!!!!! They are too evil and dumb!!!