My imaginary trip to Baghdad for the first time

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By Oya Obinidodo

The United States- For years, and centuries, soldiers in the Middle East have been fighting the fight for American freedom. Soldiers travel all the way to Afghanistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, and Baghdad. They put their entire life on the line, just to get out of America.

Let’s travel forward to the present day. Let’s say I got fed up with the U.S. and took a flight all the way to Baghdad for the first time. What would it be like? I am imagining that I am walking around in some all-black Islamic clothing, walking down the street alone, carrying a Quaran. I stop at all the local markets and buy food. I then go back to my house, and cook a meal, after I finished saying a prayer. I eat on the floor on a rug sitting Indian style, and I only eat soup and bread, and crackers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don’t find my diet to be annoying, as long as I have a place to fix my meals without eating in unsanitary and unsafe public places. My fear of bombs is always looming over my head. I’m always waiting for the loud BOOM or the RATTATTAAAAAT sound! A loud gunshot, or huge explosion could come at any given moment, sending my body parts flying everywhere in a pool if gruesome blood, so I have to remain humble. I’ve heard those sounds a lot. They use to be heard from a distance away, now, they’re getting closer and closer. They’re getting so close, the explosion could be as close as an inch away from where I’m standing. 

I don’t sit around other women, I don’t look at them, I don’t speak to them, and I am not a gay Muslim. I wait on a man to marry me without getting beat up or bombed by one. Over the years, while I’m in Baghdad, I see several suicide bombings and attacks. I also witness civil unrest, riots, and killings daily. That is why I stay indoors. I can’t be homeless in Baghdad. People will think I am gay, and try to blow me up or push me off of a cliff. I must stay away from the gays at all costs, or I could lose my entire body. 

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While waiting on a straight, non gay, Holy, man to marry me, I simply spend most of my time in the desert riding camels across the land. I have to be careful though, because there are a lot of bombs being thrown around, and people have a lot of campsites set up. I didn’t don’t know how they sleep in the sun. I don’t know how they survive the dry weather. I enjoy writing and cooking my meals. I enjoy taking care of animals and planting vegetables. I am still alone, and I am still not being wanted by any man. I am not given any money, food, protection, or power.