Predators are everywhere I go: My first solo camping trip this year was a tragedy from hell

A photo of my pit inside the tent at an undisclosed campsite in the Midwest region (U.S.)  just hours before she died from cancer. - April 4th, 2022-

By Oya Obinidodo

Suffolk, Virginia (U.S.) - This year has been nothing but a nonstop feeling of death, pain, and torture. While I was vacationing in an undisclosed location in the Midwest in April, I stayed at a campsite for three months. I checked into the campsite with my pit bull. She was a 10-year mix breed that was struggling from cancer, and I wanted her last days on earth to be cool. I wanted her to see nature, and enjoy her last moments seeing all that she could. She was my best friend, and I loved her more than life itself. I had never had a human best friend before, and the pit bull was nicer to me and more protective than a whole human being will ever be. She was my security dog. 

Two days after checking into the campsite, she died. I checked her pulse, but there was none. I immediately burst into tears. I was devastated. I called 911, and they gave me the number of a dog catcher. The person that answered the call (the operater) said that they don't handle animal cases. I called the “dog catcher” and it was an older white lady. She said that she was extremely busy and that she couldn't help me load the animal, until later that afternoon. I didn't have until later. I loaded my deceased animal into my car myself and immediately drove her to the vet. I still hold her ashes close to my heart. The one thing I miss about her the most, is that she knew how to shake my hand. I would say, “give me a five” and she would lift up her paw to shake my hand. She was extremely cool and tough. I liked my pit bull a lot. 

After my animal passed away, I was offered a free cabin in exchange for a house keeping position. I accepted, and I moved out of the tent the same day. I was told that I have to clean the cabins and shower house. I cleaned the bug and graffiti infested cabins every other day, with the little supplies I was given. I was only given a bottle of cleaning spray and a roll of paper towels. I had to order more stuff online, and shop at unclean dollar stores.

I started drinking more, due to the depression I was suffering from. I truly missed my animal. I had no protection, no one to talk to, and no one to call. The entire two and a half months that I stayed at the campsite working as a cleaning lady, no one spoke to me. I did not meet anyone new. I drank even more. I felt violated, watched, and alone. It was awful. I never grilled anything, because I didn't have an appetite to eat around strangers. I never ate out, because of the unsanitary restaurants. All I did was mourn, and cry.

I eventually found the courage to write a book, while I was inside the cabin. The book, Living around dangerous human predators and how to survive them was written while experiencing grief. I felt disgusted and alone, because of the homosexuals, incest, and AIDS infestation I was fleeing on the East and West Coast. So many people had HIV, so many were ignorant, inbred, and flat out gay. They were all extremely transgender, transexual, unclean, fake, sickening, hateful, life-threatening, extremely gross, and mean to me. The infestation was sickening and violating, and it still is. I do not want to live around those unclean, disgusting, pedophiles and predators. It is extreme life threatening. There are millions of them all around me and I don't deserve to be humiliated by them. I'm a human being.

I was able to record a Music video, for one of my songs. After about two and a half months, I was informed by the camp manager that I wasn't a good cleaning lady. He said that the cabins were still dirty. Of course they were, because they were so filthy when I walked inside, that they appeared to be needing to be remodeled completely. One spray bottle, and a roll of paper towels could not fix the level of filth inside of the cabins. I even offered to cover up the graffiti multiple times, weeks prior, and he said no that's okay. He said that kids do it all the time, and he knew that they would probably just do it again. He also told me that I couldn't go into the main lodge anymore to wash clothes or use the restroom, because I don't have permission. About a week or two after that, I was asked to move out completely because there were too many other travelers needing the cabin for summer. The camp site was not secluded enough anyways. Too many families were coming there, and I wanted to be more isolated the whole time. I kept daydreaming, wishing that the cabin was further away from civilization. I will never offer to clean anyones property or house ever, ever, ever, ever, again. They can find someone better. I don't even wanna see their property or go inside.

The LGBTQ+ community sent me more hate mail and death threats while I was solo camping in the Midwest 

The gay community is sickening, and they cannot control themselves or their uges to threaten me or rape my children. I was the only one staying at the campsite with a dark skin complexion. I was receiving death threats from the nasty, proud, gay community literally almost every single day. They sent them through email. I wasn't as covered up as I am now, because I wanted to be free, but it was a mistake, I should've been more covered up, around all the families that came there on the weekends, so the white kids would not have to see all of my dangerous, hardcore tattoos. I shouldn't have wanted to be seen, because I knew that the gays were going to come back once again to threaten me. They always do. I eventually left the campsite this summer, in early June, after adopting another animal for protection, and then I drove 14 hours back to the East Coast where the deadly infeststion that I was afraid of, actually is. My car only cut off once, and I was able to get a jump start on my battery from a couple of random people on the way. I wanted to see if I could attempt to protect my kids from future predators, and protect them from all of the sickening transsexuals that might want to control their life.

I don't know why the gay predators keep harassing me. It's sick and my entire life is infested with them and unhabitable. My life isn't fit for a human being to live. They are all sick, evil, nasty, incestuous, murderous, racist, and extremely hateful towards me nonstop. The large, ghetto, infamous gangs, groups of homosexual predators, and their inbred families in Virginia, and all throughout America, still want me to commit suicide, but they are too gross, sickening, foul, and unsanitary for me to want to die around. I don't want them to watch me die. They don't deserve to see.

The gay community‘s death threats wouldn't stop coming. They are literally always screaming out for a mention or some attention from me. The gay community is extremely petty and HIV infested, and they want people to think I'm a man, and that's not what I was born. I have no desire to be a transgender like them. I do not think like a man and I do not act like one. I have no desire to hang around transsexuals, cisgenders, or any of those predators, or get bullied by their “community”. I'm not a homosexual, but my most dangerous and life threatening enemies, are. A lot of them can not understand or comprehend that I am not gay, and I have nothing to hide. I don't have a “closet” to come out of, because I've never been a gay woman or a gay man. 

I'm currently living in the middle of a non stop infested area where there are sexual predators, crime, homosexuality, transsexuals, hate, abuse, neglect, and disease

The transition back to the East Coast, was nasty. I immediately felt the nasty infestation of hate, abuse, disease, poverty, molestation, and uncleanliness all around me, soon I arrived. The people are so gay and dirty to me, that I literally can not go anywhere. I have no protection around all the phoney transexual men and groups of hateful inbreeding men that surround me. I burst out into tears. I knew they were going to be sickening towards me. I knew they would be watching me on purpose, just to make my stomach turn. They want to watch me vomiting, and I didn't want them to see. I tried avoiding as many people and places as possible. I tried driving 40 minutes away, just to go to stores that have the same thing around the corner. I still kept seeing the unclean people everywhere, even 40 minutes away. What my eyes kept witnessing, was extremely devastating. The level of hatred and gross negligence is absolutely atrocious. I'm still in the middle of the infeststion, this very second. Since I've been here, my drivers license had gotten suspended again for no reason, but I was able to get them back a week later.

Since I've arrived, I've seen a gross amount of haters, enemies, obese people, bullies, gays, HIV infected women, incestuous couples, transsexuals, and pure ugliness from all directions of my peripheral vision. It is sick. They are the same twisted people that harrassed and bullied me in the past. The way my body feels even with three layers of clothing on, and several layers covering my face, is absolutely inhumane and unbelievable. They make me sick to my stomach, even with 4 layers of clothes on. I can't survive their incest. I still have to shower in the dark (it's not helping because the predators have night vision) and I still can’t go out in public. I feel extremely alone, ugly, neglected, and unsafe, every time I'm in the area around these gross negligent creeps. Just the unnatural sound of their voice makes my body cringe, and I immediately feel disgusted all over. Everytime I hear them, I immediately want out of my own body. Hearing them talking is the most unnatural and violating feeling I have ever felt. I can't survive these peoples sick, twisted, families around here. I can't let all those unclean, pedophile men, gang up on me with all of their nasty looking girlfriends. They are mean, nasty, and ghetto, and it is an unsanitary feeling, knowing they're all around. I don't want to live in a house with gay people, or live in a neighborhood where they party outside all night. It is tragic, it is sick, and it is unclean and unfair.

I am going to do everything in my power to escape the deadly disease infestation again, and I hope I don't end up in another one, far away. I am in desperate need of more seclusion. People with diseases are not friendly with me. They want me to catch whatever it is they have. They have no respect for me as a nondiseased person. The gross feeling all of the disease ridden creeps in the area give me, is sickening to the core. I have to take better security measures around people with HIV/AIDS/STDS, just like I have to isolate and stay quarantined from the people with COVID-19. Both diseases are deadly, not just COVID. The more people contract fatal diseases around me, the more risky and dangerous my life will become. 

Unnatural “Fonk”: The predators appear to be more sickening to me, than they ever appeared 

I do not know anyone in the entire United States, and the whole world, and it is not something I can hide. I do not have any family or friends. I do not know a single soul on earth, other than the two young children that the married, gay, pedophiles want to steal from me. All those sickening, incestuous predatory monsters still know, that I am alone, vulnerable, and that I am still trying to hide from them forever, or die, hoping and wishing that they never find me. I don't want all those unnatural predators to see me eating, bathing, using the bathroom, cooking, vomiting, driving, walking my dog, talking, writing, watching tv, changing my clothes, putting on shoes, reading a book, rapping, playing basketball, or living and breathing at all. I don't want to exist to them. They are too sick. It's too many of them, and I don't want to be in the most of all their “fonking”- the slang term for “beef”-which basically means hate that won't cease. I want them all to think I'm already dead, so they won't violate and bully me like I'm a kid. 

My mother is a fake, and doesn't deserve to bury me 

I don't want to be remembered by any of the predators. They're still saying “Ain't nobody gonna believe you.” Yuck! No one knows that they are sick and twisted. The world wants me to die instead. I can't wait until they get their wish so they can all leave me alone, and get back to swallowing each other off. They never loved me the whole time I was living. If they say they love me, they are lying. They abused and neglected me the entire three decades. My stepfather did not love me either. He threw me away to the juvenile and domestic relations jail system and snitched on me for something I didn't do. That is where he and all of his gay relatives currently want me to reside. He did it. He was the one physically assaulting and harassing his grandchild (my kid). He was the one showing his body. What type of stepfather comes out of the bathroom nude in front of his only child? That happened every so often, not just once. I would never do that! My kids have never seen me nude, since the time they were born and they never will see me naked. I never came out the shower naked around them. That's sickening. He was the one that was always on the phone gossiping and spreading rumors to all the old people. My stepfather was the one abusing and neglecting me, knew I had no where else to go. He was the one protecting all the black transsexuals and lesbians that were bullying me. He was the one that started spying on me inside him and his husbands house. I never did any of that stuff. Everytime I told him what the pedophiles and bullies were doing, he took their side instead. It was so easy for him to be a snitch and a liar, and it still is.

I get to choose where I'm going to die, most people can’t, they just go with the flow 

I am humliated and embarrassed and I am ashamed of the whole United States. The more fake my stepfather is to me, the more fake the the whole world acts. Those brutal gays are international. All stepfathers are not good people. All grandfathers are not good people either. I did not ask to be here. The world is a sick, dumb, ignorant, gay, disgusting place to be. Women, and the men that crossdress just to be like them, are sickening and full of themselves. They are not going to stop being a pile of throw up until I'm deceased and out of the way. I am not going to die in Virginia unless I get shot. No way am I going to die around these evil, fake, devilish souls. I'll be migrating to a safer location to rest eternally. I’m not going to die like a gangster, I'm not going to die like a leader, and I'm not going to get any honor or respect from these stinky, fishy, incest families around here. I'm going to die where all those gay families can't humiliate me. I hope my bones aren't even discovered by anyone. I'll finally be safe with the Creator of the Universe. I'm going to die in the wilderness ALONE -by choice- like a wild animal, and the creeps aren't going to find me. I hope there is not a single, nosey, evil soul around to witness my death. I don't want the predators to find me, or see me walking, or moving through the darkness. I do not need any light.

My stepfather (yuck), always saw more favor in the gay community and never in me. He never believed in me. He never believed in my dreams. He has been that way ever since the bullying started. If my body is ever found, and someone finds this blog, just know, that both of my stepfathers did not love me at all, and I should've been taken away from them as a little child. I don't want a snitch or a person that protects pedophiles, to bury me. I do not want Stacy Towns, or any of his nasty, inbreeding relatives, neighbors, or friends near my dead body. They did not care for me, and they never gave me anything, not even a phone call. They left me for dead a long, long, long, time ago, around the time I became a teen mom. I survived on my own. Those people were all unnatural, funny, and weird towards me. I do not know any of those predatory people. Anyone still protecting my stepfather, is a pedophile and they do not have regard for my life. All those people run together, they are family, and I am not safe around them. It feels extremely sickening and violating, every single second of the day. I can not survive them. They are still forcing me to die around them. I won't. They are too gay and brutal. I’m running away from all those cocky, skank, people again. 

I don't want anything from the world

Once I run away, I don’t want anything from the world, because they are too mean, evil, and homosexual. Please don't start attacking me just because you stalked me and caught me waking up in the morning. Trust me, I didn't want to. The narcissist continue to bully me, because they are ghetto, cocky murderers, and they do not even want me to wake up in the morning and breathe the same air as them. Why do they have to see me breathing? Why do they have to look in the first place? Why do they have to watch me closely? Why do they have to stalk me and spy on me? I don't even go anywhere. I'm always in hiding from the predators, so why do they need to know I'm alive anyway? I've seen enough. All I want, is death. I don't even know how I survived those cruel, unnatural people for this long. I should've died over three decades ago, hours after I was born. I am all alone. There is no “We” no “us” no “Yall” no “our”, and I don't expect a world full of nasty, nosey, gay people, to care about me. That's not even being realistic. I do not know any of the people I'm around, or anyone else in the world, and I'm sick of repeating myself. 

The twisted, negligent predators all seem to want “cool points” for neglecting me and my two kids. Kids that I had when I was only a child myself. They literally all want my whole soul, and my entire life, and it is beyond gay and inhumane. I'm going to pass away, where they can't steal me. I seriously hope that none of them, never find me. I don't want anyone's bogus family, to bury me. They're too fake, gross, sloppy, and disgusting. I'd rather never be found. I don't want any big, nasty, funny looking predators locating me. They need to leave me alone, even after I die. I don't want all the people, strangers, or “family” that molested me in the past, and threw me away, and left me in solitary confinement, EVER finding me. Yuck! That's too much disgust! When I die, I hope they all let me rest in peace, where they can't get to me! I hope they never speak on me, or my death! They don't have to be accountable for anything, just like they weren't accountable for anything when I was living! I'm not forcing anyone to bury me. When I pass away for good, I don't want a burial. I want the predators to ignore my entire death. They don't have to pretend! Yuck! They can respect me, and leave me alone! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!