The struggle to become a carnivore for more protein: My pescatarian diet is not enough

By Oya Obinidodo

The United States- Even as a pescatarian, I am not getting enough protein in my diet to avoid being malnourished. I stopped drinking Slim Fast and Ensure because they cost a lot of money. Ensure’s overall taste is nastier than Slim Fast anyways. I don't drink Boost at all, and I never will. All I do, is drink bottles of flavored water all day. I don't like diet drinks, or supplements, and I hate salads. As of today I will try to start adding more meat to my diet. I’ve only been eating shrimp, salmon, calamari, crabs, and tiny pieces of bacon jerky, but I need more meat than shrimp, salmon, calamari, crabs, and bacon jerky. I'm going to attempt to try to start adding meats like beef, steak, pork, chicken, lobster, liver, eggs, chicken legs, hearts, and other parts to my daily diet. I'm going to try to add as much meat and protein to my diet as I possibly can. I will also be adding more protein to my animals diet. I want my young animal (un perro), to devour a whole chicken for the first time. 

How can I make this possible during an infestation of filth, unholiness, and uncleanliness?

You might ask, how am I going to cook, or how am I going to eat during an unsanitary infestation like the one I'm currently trapped in. Well first I can start by driving to a supermarket an hour away from the infestation. Then drive back towards the infestation, and cook the meal when no ones looking inside of a privacy tent. Being in bear country is no where near as scary as the infestation of unsanitary people. 

What kind of meals should I start off with to start the meat diet? 

I could start off by cooking myself : 

Breakfast meals

•bacon, egg, cheese croissant sandwich 

•sausage or chicken biscuit sandwich 

•pancakes or French toast with syrup, and strips of bacon

•chicken fried steak biscuit sandwich 

Lunch and Dinner meals 

• shrimp egg foo young with gravy and white rice 

• Carne asada, carnitas, or pollo tacos with yellow rice and beans 

•chicken fried steak with gravy, steamed asparagus, and mashed potatoes 

•filet mignon, lobster, and steamed asparagus 

• a whole peruvian chicken with green sauce and white or yellow rice 

•chicken and shrimp Quesadillas with sour cream and cilantro 

•self heating meals that have have chicken or beef in them 

•baconcheeseburger and French fries 

•homeade fried chicken tenders with ranch or honey sauce, and baked Yucca 

•hamburger steak with gravy and mashed potatoes 

•homeade pepperoni pizza with spinach or green peppers 

Those are just some of the recipes that could be a great start to adding more protein to my current seafood and vegetable diet. Adding more nutrients to my diet will make my life a little more easy and more survivable. Adding land animals to my diet, however is still extremely difficult, because I honestly don't believe in killing, cooking, and eating them, but it might can be done. I don't fit in with carnivores, I hate eating around them, for religious and humane reasons of course.

An oyster pic by atlascompany on

As a pescatarian, Extreme vegans are also bad to be around due to the lack of nutrients they would influence me to have. They also don't believe in eating sea animal foods, so that would be a controversial mix, and more hate. Even more humane people, do not believe that sea animals should be caught, cooked, and eaten or preserved. As mean as it sounds, I honestly, do not care about the life of a fish, oysters, squid, crab, or a shrimp, or anything else that is under the sea. Eating seafood, is very normal in today's world. Even since the beginning of time it was normal. Fishermen existed it seems like, since the world was created. I don't see how I should care about a salmon or a clam being caught. Seafood is also a luxury. I don't know how to swim and I can't  dive all the way to the bottom of the ocean for a lobster. If you go to any five-star resort in the world, I'm pretty sure their seafood menu prices are through the roof- and it's for a reason.