How to set up a glamorous, luxury glampsite

By Oya Obinidodo 

Hey readers, if you're having a hard time deciding how to set up your glampsite, here are a few ways to set up your site, without breaking the bank. You will have a luxurious, comfortable, setup in no time. 

First, choose a campsite. 

First you will want to choose the most cost-efficient campsite, in the most luxurious location possible. You can do this by downloading camping apps. I'm not going to go into detail on which apps to use, or which ones are better than the other. You can decide that for yourself. I'll just put it this way, you get what you pay for. You'll also have to choose a destination on your own, at your discretion. Choose a campsite that has electricity if you don't have a portable generator or a solar panel. 

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Set up a tent.

After finding a good, clean, affordable campsite, once you arrive, set up your tent. When choosing a glamping tent, you will want to choose a very large one, so you can have more space to add furniture. If you can afford it, try to set up your tent on a platform or sand pad, because it looks better. Quality glamping tents can come in the form of Bell tents, Cabin tents, wall tents, Yurt tents, or lodge tents. If you're solo camping, it may take a while for you to set it up. 

Blow up a bed.

After you set up your tent, blow up your bed. I recommended using a large tent, so you can have a more comfortable bed. A large Queen or King size blow-up bed is all you need. You will need an air pump or an electrical outlet to blow up the bed. Quality air mattresses require an outlet. After blowing up the air mattress, put a matching comforter set on it. You will need sheets, a comforter, and pillowcases included in the comforter set. You also need pillows. 

Add decor. 

Put a table inside the tent, to put a lamp on. It could be a battery-operated lamp or a lamp to plug in an electrical unit. Add a vaseful of fresh flowers, a statue, or a picture of something. Then, put a large rug on the floor. A rug can be pretty expensive, but you will need one because the floor can get pretty cold at night. You can add a couple of other smaller rugs, by the foot of the bed, and by the entry. You can also place an outdoor mat, on the outside of the entry. Hang battery-operated bulbs inside the tent. Last, add whatever other decor you like, but keep it simple, modern, clean, and spacious. It could be a small chair, a television, a fan, or a clothing rack to hang your clothes are on. Tip: Don’t cook inside or keep food in there, keep fire away, and don't put any junk from thrift stores in there. Keep it cool and fresh. 

Add solar lighting around the site.

After decorating your tent. Hang up string lights. You will need string light poles, tall wooden post, or shepherd hooks used for bird feeding to do this. You can also place several small, cheap, solar lights around the tent, that stake in the ground, or use a portable, solar powered streetlight. 

Start a fire in the fire pit. 

If your site has a firepit, and it should, start a fire. Firewood is kind of costly, but you want to enjoy the moment. To sustain a fire, purchase fire starters or other things you will need. You can use the fire for heat, roasting, baking, boiling water, or making campfire smores.

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Set your tone, and begin glamping in luxury. 

After you finished setting up your glampsite, set your mood. Setting your tone could mean, playing music, stargazing, watching the sun set, watching the sunrise, sipping your favorite drink, enjoying your favorite meal, reading a book, watching the wildlife, going for a hike or a hunt (with your necessary essentials of course), or listening to a bunch of spooky, scary, camp stories on a podcast while drinking tea.