How I deal with haters in 2022


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By Oya Obinidodo

I try not to look at them. 

If I'm around a hater or a bunch of haters. The first thing I do is try not to look at them. They are extremely disturbing to look at. I don't even wanna get a glimpse of them. I don't even wanna see their shadow moving or see them through my peripheral. Looking at them is almost like looking at a pile of yucky, infectious, diseases. It causes too much unbearable pain, and they are an eyesore. I will never make eye contact with a hater. 

I cover my entire body with layers of clothing.

If I don't want to look at a hater then why would I want a hater to look at me? When haters stare, it can feel extremely violating and disrespectful. I start with one layer of long clothing and cover my head. If that doesn't work, I add another later and another head covering. If I still feel violated, I add a third later and another scarf over my head. If I still feel violated, then I wrap myself in a blanket or sheet. For me, being in certain areas require more layers of clothing than others.

I carry something for protection.

I always carry something, in case the hater(s) try to attack. I will depend on a higher power to save me in case I have to use it. If the higher power doesn't save me, then oh well. I'll know not to depend on it again. The protection item could be a Kubotan, a knife, a fork, a taser, the nearest glass of water, a bottle of wine, pepper, a gun, etc. You'd never know unless you bother me. I'm fully trained on how to use those things, and I don't need any practice.

I use my mind to make them disappear. 

If a hater is anywhere near me, and they make me feel violated, then I use my mental to block them. I will make them disintegrate, blow up, get shot, fall off a cliff, get hit by a bus, catch AIDS, or whatever other deathly curse that could immediately come over them until they are no longer present in my mind. Sometimes I repeat this mental process multiple times, because the haters act immortal and disgusting. I don't act on those thoughts, because the haters are dirty, and they are not even worth it.

I do something to take my mind off of seeking revenge on the haters.

I will try to completely ignore them, by doing something else. The something could be, taking a trip thousands of miles away from them, having a drink, fixing something to eat, writing a book, listening to a song, taking care of an animal, baking something, helping a child that I birthed, rearranging furniture, doing chores, or learn something new by watching a tutorial or how to video that doesn't show the persons face.