Here are some simple important safety tips for camping alone

Here are some simple important safety tips for camping alone

By Oya Obinidodo 

If you’re ever out in the wilderness by yourself, and you don’t know how to survive, here are several safety tips that can get you started. 

Do not unplug anything without cutting it off, electric sparks are very dangerous.  

If you are out camping alone, and have electricity, make sure you cut everything (appliances, radios, lighting, etc.) off before you unplug it. If you don’t, it can cause an electric spark, which can lead to death or a fire. 

Buy a travel safe for longs stays. 

When camping for several, days, weeks, months, or years. You might want to purchase a travel safe to keep all of your valuables in. They could get stolen or lost. If you do not want that to happen, buy a safe, or leave the valuables at home. If you don’t have a home, sell them.

Make sure you have cell service and Wi-Fi. 

When camping, make sure you have cellular service before you go. If you don’t, you could get stuck without reception. Most desert terrains, forest, and mountains, do not have any cell reception at all. 

Do not leave any food inside of the tent especially dog food because it will draw bears, mountain lions, raccoons, and other wildlife. 

If you leave food inside of your tent, it will draw a bunch of wildlife. Unless you’re allowed to hunt and want to hunt, there’s no need to draw them to you. Do not feed the wildlife, or you will get in trouble. Always cook away from the tent, never inside or near the tent. A bear or a mountain lion might want all your food for himself. Do not try to take pictures of the animals close up- especially bison. Although animal attacks are quite rare, they are not as friendly as you think. 

Do not try to take pictures or film very close to deadly scenery, and do not go near any tall bridges or cliffs. 

Do not fall off of a cliff, a tall bridge, or go near a volcano, a hot water steam, or a waterfall trying to take a picture. If you are going to do it, wear a parachute, and know how to use it. I personally wouldn’t trust a parachute because they malfunction a lot and you could go plummeting down and die instantly. A picture or a video is not that damn important. Also, if you go rock climbing or decide to sleep on the side of a mountain, please be careful. One slip of a rock and you could die. Rocks slip all the time due to the shifting caused by avalanches. 

Stay away from the water if you don’t know how to swim.

As temping as it may sound, do not stand on piers, or over bodies of water even if they have a rail. Stay as far back away from the water as possible. Do not try any waterrafting, boating, cruising, or kayaking. The water is extremely violent. If you cannot swim, stay on the land as much as possible. A wildfire is the worse thing that could happen- so be extra careful. It’s deadly out there.