True Facts about Oya Obinidodo that you didn’t know

Random facts about me that you didn’t know

By Oya Obinidodo 

The United States-Here are a list of facts about me that you probably didn’t already know. 

I do not engage in stripping, escorting, prostitution, or sexual activities at all. 

I do not engage in sex work because it is illegal and uncool. I don’t like people looking at my body. Especially gay people. There are rapist, pedophiles, incestuous families, and transgenders all over America, and their threats are very real. Pimps and sex workers are extremely violent and dangerous people that terrorize the living daylights out of me non stop. Nothing can take away the shame, disgust, and terror that those people inflict on me daily. 

I do not wear pants or jeans 

I stopped wearing jeans in 2019. I stopped wearing pants altogether around July of this summer. I do not wear pants or jeans at all. I only wear dresses, unless I'm wearing long johns underneath of them. Pants are manly, and I don't want to look like a man. Wearing pants reminds me of prison. Gross. Why would I want to wear the same uniform that Does a man wear?

I don't smile often

I don't like to smile because most people are predators. I don't smile at predators. Predators look just like clowns when they smile, and the way they smile is extremely gay. Rainbows, homosexuals, and gays always have a big smile plastered across their faces. If a person is always smiling, they are probably gay. Watching or looking at other people smile, is extremely dirty and unclean in my book. I do not want to see people that are happy and smiling all the time.

I don’t wear fingernail polish at all.

The reason I don’t wear fingernail polish is for lots of reasons. The first reason is because I witnessed a lot of lesbians wearing it. Sometimes they let it chip and it looks extremely nasty and ugly. I’m not a lesbo, so I do not paint my nails. I’ve never even worn colors like red, black, purple, brown, burgundy, or any other ugly color on my nails before, even in the past. I’ve always ignored those funky looking bottles of nail polish people sell, whenever I’m shopping for makeup. Wearing nail polish is extremely gay. Not only that, but men wear it too. Men wear it on their nails and on their toenails. These days, it is absolutely acceptable for both genders to paint their nails. Men wear all kinds of colors on their nails, especially black or red. I see it all the time and it looks gross to me. Other people might like stuff like that, but I don’t, and I don’t have to like it. Just like those kinds of people don’t have to like me. Again, I’m not gay, and I don’t support gay people. I will not paint my nails for a single soul on earth. I also don't like the smell of acetone, or the foul odor the polish gives off itself. Inhaling it, is not my thing. I don't go to nail salons either. It's just another nasty, public place.

I don't pierce myself. 

The only place I've ever had a piercing at, is my ears, and I've only had one hole. I've never had multiple piercings in my ear. I've never had a body piercing since the time I was born. I've always thought piercings looked extremely homosexual, especially when it is on their tongue, eyebrows, their cheeks, their nose, their lips, or their genitals. I've always found body piercings to be extremely disgusting, and I've never liked being around people that wear them. I don't get piercings, and I won't even allow a child, especially a boy, to get piercings.

I no longer use the holes in my ears, because I can not afford to buy expensive gold jewelry. Costume jewelry is just that- it should be used for costume purposes only, not every day life. No-one is going to ever take me serious as long as live, without real gold in my ears, and around my neck. I don't hang around people that wear gold, because I might get jealous and snatch their chain or Rolex watch off of their gay body. I don't want people with real gold on anywhere near me, because their jewelry has nothing to do with me. Pimps wear a lot of jewelry, and I have to be aware, so that they won't try to capture me and sell me. I'll never receive a piece of jewelry from a pimp- they're gross.

I do not go anywhere with women. 

I do not party with them, talk to them on the phone (unless I’m talking to a customer service rep- and I don’t even really want to talk to them unless it's an emergency) take pictures with them, ride in the car with them, or know any of them. I’ve never had a positive female mentor in my life. I’ve never had a grandmother, a best friend, a aunt, a cousin, or a sister. I just don’t like the sound of a woman’s voice. It’s sounds very unclean to me. I don’t want to be around women because they might be a pedophile, a crack fiend, or a lesbian, have a inbred baby, or be married to an incestuous man, be a bully, have AIDS, have a bunch of kids that might bully mine, pick on me because I’m a poor, struggling single mom, or be a racist person. They might bully me or judge me, tell a lie on me, harass me, and hurt me very bad. Women are non existent in my life because they are very funky and horny, and will usually take up for sexual predators before having class about themselves-just so they can get lay on their backs and get laid by those predators. Most of them (I’m assuming all of them) are dating or are married to predatory people. I’m very terrorized by them and afraid of them. Women are consistently sickening, violating, disturbing, twisted, nosey, and cruel to me.

I don’t hang around men anymore, because I’m afraid of them, just like I’m afraid of women. 

I always used to hang around a bunch of men. I don’t do that anymore either, because I’m afraid all those groups of men might be sleeping with each other or they might be having orgies and gay sex together. That is why they are so cool and close to each other. That is why they always have each other’s backs and not mine. Something just isn’t right about the way they all bully, harass, and isolate me. It is very homosexual. I’m assuming they are all thirsty, desperate, horny, mean, undercover transsexuals, and they might eventually try to burn me with AIDS or harm my kids. I wouldn’t know because I don’t be at all the bars, escorts sites, social media sites, nightclubs, and drag shows stalking them and looking to catch them in the act. I can not force them to come out. I have to back off, and fast, before they murder me in cold blood. I have to give men their space- to be with other men, one skank woman, or with a bunch of skank women or with men and women. They are not my property. They have a right to be unfaithful, abusive, negligent, fake, and disrespectful. They do not belong to me. Men have rights. They have a right to be with all of those people, and they do not have to ever notice me or want me around them. They have a right to be homosexual and be with men or with a bunch of nasty, funny acting gay women. They also have a right to choose whatever gender they want to be with. I have no control over men. I’m not anyones wife, daughter, ex, baby mother, sister, or girlfriend, and I never was and never will be. Men never included me or like me. They always treated me very unnatural and were all extremely nasty towards me for no apparent reason. I’ve been alone my entire life. Who am I to want a bunch of brand new strangers in my life? I’m not dumb, and I understand their hate for me clearly.

Most men (I’m assuming the entire world), do not love me, or find me anywhere near attractive, and they will not protect me from women that are phoney, liars, bullies, pedophiles, dykes, inbreeders, prostitutes, or stalkers. They never believe in me, or take up for me. Their attitudes towards me are sickening, disturbing, disgusting, uncool, nasty, childish, racist, and extremely unsanitary, and I will never attempt to hang around them or seek anything from any men ever again. They can not replace the father, brother, uncle, cousin, boyfriend, or husband I never had and never will have. It isn’t their responsibility. They are funky, skank, and ghetto like those women are. Men are so transgender, that I can not tell them apart from women anymore. I can not make them smart. I can not make them not be racist to me. They will all bully me, and tell me to go jump out of a window, and expect me to actually do it. That’s gross. Men do not have to care for me. They have every right to treat me like nothing. They have a right to make me invisible to them. All of those they’s, and them’s do not want me. 

I am not a popular person, and I don’t want to be.

I was never the type to get invited anywhere, asked out on a date, given any money, or shown any attention. People do not like me at all, and I was born just to suffer through their neglect. There are a lot of sick, twisted, murderous competitors out there, and they are greedy, narcissistic predators that will leave me in the dust to rot and die, so they can get all of the attention for themselves. That’s the reason I’m not popular, and never will be. There are too many pedophiles, gays, clones, and inbreeders out there. The infestation is bad and I see them clearly. People won’t let me see them any other way. They want me to bow down to them, but they’re not giving me anything to bow down to. 

I only listen to my own music. 

I listen to my own music, because well- I don’t know any other rappers or musicians. I don’t have any other music to listen to. If I knew people, and they offered me to listen to their music, I would. No one’s offering me, so I don’t have any other music to listen to but my own. Plus, all of my music is recent and up to date, and not everybody can say that. I don’t even know how to find other artist. I have no desire to search for them. Rappers and music artist would have to come to me, and they don’t, and they don’t have to. I never get tired of listening to my own songs. 

I do not watch porn or engage it and I never will. 

I do not watch or engage in porn because it is absolutely horrifying. Porn stars and people that watch it are the worst kinds of predators known to mankind for reasons that I’ve already mentioned in my book “I’m still abstinent”. Masturbation is also very disgusting. Why do people want to see other people having sexual intercourse? Do they not know how to do it themselves? I’m not interested in seeing anyone have sex, I don’t care if they are gay, straight, married, single, rich, or poor. Porn watchers and porn stars are all in one big happy community and their bodies are all for each other. I don’t wanna look, and I do not care how much they reproduce, or how much money they make. HIV/AIDS/STDS are still very real and present in America, not just in India and Africa. People travel across the world ya know. Do your own research. 

I do NOT use illegal drugs or attend parties or nightclubs.

Drugs are bad and drugs can kill. That is why I do not use them. Not using drugs speaks for itself. When you are on drugs people can date rape you, frame you, set you up or even kill you! You can also die from an overdose or choke to death on your own vomit. 

I don’t attend parties or nightclubs, because people are hillbillies, and I need an invitation. An invitation that I will never get, because they are sick. I would hate to go to nightclub or a party and get set up or shot to death because I showed up uninvited. Even in public places, people in the community are so close to each other, that an invitation is still needed to show up. That is how the world is. Just because security let you through the door, doesn’t mean that you’re welcomed and I don’t feel anywhere near welcomed around locals. 

I do not have any social media accounts. 

I don’t use Tik Tok, Snapchat, Twitter, OnlyFans, Instagram, or any other funky social media sites. Social media sites are extremely unsafe for me to use. It is way too many sexual predators, twisted families, and undercover transgenders on there. I do not go on there to check for other people or celebrities either. I don’t know if you’re up or down, in or out, or all around. I don’t know what you had for breakfast today or what you did with your friends on Fourth of July, nor do I know how many followers you might have. I don’t know anyone, so how would I know? The only sites I am on are music related platforms, and are listed under important links, on the homepage. 

I do not watch a lot of TV, and when I do, I don’t look at women related shows. 

I don’t watch other women or look at them at all. I don’t like the way other women look, sound, or act, on television or in person. I also don’t watch movies with homosexual scenes in them. If there is a homosexual scene showing, I immediately change the channel, before I vomit profusely. I do not look at women’s bodies, their men, their girlfriends, their family, or the outfits that they have on. I do not compliment them. I do not tell them that their outfits are cute or that they look pretty. I do not know them. I do not care to look at them. It is too unsafe. I won’t even take one glance at them. I do not like to watch people fighting and being violent towards each other either. I don’t wanna see, not even for entertainment. 

I do everything alone, and that is how the rest of my life will be.

It is a disgusting, sickening, harsh, cruel, selfish, nasty, gay, racist world out there. I’ve experienced things that some of these lame people will never, ever, have to go through. I’ve been through more pain and suffering than other people. I know this, because they bully me all over the world, like I’m the only one they hate. I can feel their sickening and unsanitary hate weighing down on me like ton of bricks every single second. I do not know when my life will end, or how long my lifespan will be. Only the creator of the universe knows. Even the creator of the universe might not even know. I will not allow anyone to get too close to me. People do not have a right to know me personally, because of all of the trauma I am currently being put through. What majority of society is going to do to me is bully me even more, because people these days are too crazy, nasty, and ignorant to let me live my best life. Being alone, is much safer than their abuse and neglect. I will pass on knowing anyone. I do not have a family and I never will, because most families these days, are sickening and incestuous, and do not respect me. I take incest and molestation very serious, and so should you. They do not like outsiders AT ALL. I do not want to be a part of anyones gross, nosey, nasty, racist, dirty, judgmental, abusive, negligent family. I’m fine all by myself. Their money, incest, grossness, and abandonment is not needed.