Culture in America: The different races I’ve met during my lifespan and how they each affected me


By Oya Obinidodo 

During my lifespan, I’ve seen and met people from all over the world right here in the United States. I’ve experienced different cultures and different races. These are my experiences with these different races, and what I have studied about them-how they eat, how they work, and how they survive. 


Caucasian culture was at one point interesting to me. I always thought all of them were rich, extremely smart, and wealthy. After being on the street for quite some years and being in the system, they’re not. There are millions of white people that are dehumanized and treated like “poor white trash” or “trailer park trash” all over America. Then there’s the white supremacist, that cannot stand to see another race around them at all. Not all of them have confederate flags, or swastikas everywhere. Not all of them dress like the klu klux klan. The racist supremacist blend in with society on a regular basis. It can be very scary. I don’t know much about the Caucasian race, because I’ve never hung around any white people. They were always extremely distant to me. I’ve never had friends, let alone white friends, so I can’t say much about their culture. 

Photo of a bison head

What I have found interesting about the Caucasian culture recently, is how they hunt. How they hunt for deer and wild animals, and then skin them naked, and use them to make pelts, rugs, coats, hats, and other stuff. They also use all kinds of animals for meals too. They will hunt, kill, and cook frogs, spiders, snakes, bears, deer, mountain lion, wild boar, muskrat, beaver, or anything that moves. I used to think people only eat chickens, and cows. I was wrong. As twisted and cruel as it sounds, they eat almost every kind of animal. Caucasians are also heavily into taxidermy. If you’re hunting or fishing around Caucasians, you’re likely to see a real deer, bear, fish, or moose head hanging somewhere in their office, store, or house. There around 250 million Caucasians in the U.S, as of this year. 

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Hispanics and Latinos

Latinos have been around since the beginning of time. I know that not all of them speak Spanish. Some of them do, because they were born in America, not Mexico or South America. They control mostly all of the Hispanic restaurants in the United States. You’re not going to see another race, working in an authentic Latino restaurant. I love just about all Latin dishes. I’ve never had a Hispanic dish I didn’t like. My favorite dish, is carne asada tacos, with beans, and rice. I love Mexican alcohol. A glass of straight tequila with a lime is the best drink of all time. Mexican beer isn’t too bad either. Who wouldn’t want a Corona on a hot summer day? 

Their religious culture is also every interesting. I enjoy learning about Santa Muerte, Jesus Malverde, Guadalupe, and Jesus Christ, all at the same time. Hispanics enjoy working in the construction and agricultural field for work. It’s their main field, but you can spot them working just about anywhere, including hospitals, churches, military bases, nightclubs, schools, institutions, stores, resorts, American restaurants, and hotels. 

Mexican Americans in particular, are extremely hilarious. They do a lot of funny things and tell a lot of funny jokes. The jokes are so hilarious, that I will literally burst out laughing in the middle of nowhere. Most of them have extremely large families, and travel in large quantities, and of course, they gang bang. They gang bang harder than any other race in my book, but I can’t say for sure. I won’t know until I actually go to the real Mexico, not just Mexican areas in the US. I don’t care about New Mexico, California, Colorado, Texas, or Arizona. That is where the majority of Hispanics are, but it still is not the real Mexico nor is it the real South America. Overall, North America in general is heavily populated with latinos. There are about 60 million Hispanics in the U.S. and about 7 million of them are undocumented immigrants. 

African Americans

African Americans are extremely dangerous, because of course, it’s a racist world. I would like to consider my race to be unknown, or “some other race”, but unfortunately, against my will, I’ve already been categorized with African Americans based on my obvious appearance. I am forced to live around them. I can’t live around other races because it just doesn’t look cool to them obviously. They won’t let me in. They deny my request every single time. They don’t like my migrant life.

African Americans are extremely nasty, ignorant, down-low homosexuals, and violent from what I have seen. There are a lot of them that aren’t, and they are completely square, but that’s in all races. You have the square, working, family people, and the snitches, and then you have the gangsters and thugs that will end their targets lives in one single heartbeat. There is a lot of what society calls “black on black” crime and non stop gang violence. The poor African American youth from the inner city, will usually join a dangerous Crips or Bloods gang at an extremely early age. Later on in their lives, they realize that they can not even get out of it. There are a lot of physical assaults, theft, violent murders, sexual harassment, abuse, and jealousy amongst African Americans. From what I have experienced, they are the type of race to sadistically torture their own people. They are the kind to commit some of the most heinous, gruesome, criminal acts known to man, and will even laugh, tease, trash talk, and smile, all while they are humiliating and torturing their victims. They are the type to carry HIV or STDS, and won’t disclose their status because they never feel comfortable. They are the type to sleep around with everyone you know, while you aren’t looking. 

There is a lot of single parenting and poverty amongst the blacks. Fathers of children dodge their children immediately after the mother becomes pregnant very, very, often. They will leave the child with the mother, never to be seen or heard from again. I struggled as a single mother myself, for almost two whole decades. Children with absent parents, suffer a great deal because they never know where their dad or mom is. Some black children, never even seen their own father or mother. They disappear into the system, leaving the children to be raised by strangers, grandparents, and potential child predators. They are the type to hide their problems, and never really face them. Majority of them walk around with undiagnosed mental health disorders. 

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There is also a lot of prostitution and the selling of narcotics amongst blacks, and I mean a lot of it. The prostitution rate, and the selling of narcotics rate is so high, that the numbers are staggering. It is very difficult for some African Americans to graduate from high school, and maintain steady employment throughout their lives. Some of them go to college, others go to the state penitentiary, and others die, depending on the severity of their natural family structure. 

Black people can also be very greedy, especially the wealthy. Just because you see someone else getting rich, and powerful, that doesn’t mean that it can be you. I wanted to be a millionaire one time because I saw a lot of other so called black millionaires scattered throughout the East and West Coast. But that didn’t mean I could become one. All I had was a dollar and dream, but when that’s all you have, African Americans are very spooky at times. They’ll literally turn their back on you for sex, money, and power in one split second. Black people crave and lust for money and power like it’s a life or death situation. Usually it is. All it takes is one mistake, and your lifespan could be over that quick. I don’t like African Americans clearly, because of all that I was put through. African Americans can be extremely enslaving. Once they enslave you, it’s pretty much over. The only thing you can do if you’re black around blacks, is be black and sit and wait to die, or rush to your death as quick as possible. African Americans were generally not friendly or supportive. They were not in my life and I have to keep a safe distance from this dangerous ethic group. There are about 46 million African Americans, living in the United States. They are extremely infested with poverty and disease, and I don’t wanna meet any of the other 45 million, unless they have something non life threatening to offer. Finding out if a black person can help change my life for the better, is extremely risky and dangerous, and I am always under heavy scrutiny and pressure, because they give off heavy doses of lethal hatred. Hatred that they sickeningly enjoy.

My only favorite African American dish, are deep fried crabs, with hot sauce dip. Eating fried crabs in the summer, has become a weekly tradition. During the winter, I stick to eating snow crab legs or lobster, seasoned with Old Bay, and a side of butter and garlic dip. I used to eat a lot of black food dishes, such as fried chicken, collard greens, fried fish, fried livers, fried gizzards, and other unhealthy stuff. Everything was fried, or topped with heavy seasonings and sauces. I don’t need all of those extra ingredients anymore. Just one simple meal will keep me from starving. I then became concerned about the health problems black people generally ignore, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease, so I stopped eating those kinds of foods, for fear of death, and a shorter lifespan. 


Of course, I’ve never hung around any Asians. What I do know about their culture though, from what I’ve seen, is that Asian men, are heavily into gang banging just like certain other races. Asians love working at a lot of hotel front desk. Asian women, are heavily into working at beauty supply stores, massage parlors (where they sometimes work undercover as escorts), and nail salons. If you were to see a piece of Asian clothing in the store, I’m pretty sure you’d know it’s Asian. The dragon and flower print, kimonos and those cute little churchy looking fans that they fan themselves with, are everywhere. 

They enjoy traveling to America and setting up Chinese restaurants in every major city in the country, even the smaller towns. Their food is very delicious. I would have to say that their best dishes are, egg foo young, shrimp tempura, and fried rice. Their worst dish, but most affordable dish, are Ramen noodles. Asians are extremely smart people. They like to hack into peoples computers and phones. Mostly for good purposes. They enjoy working as customer service representatives, to take care of their family as well. Asian youth, are into Anime, and karate. The United States is populated with around 20 million Asian Americans. 


African Americans are not Africans. They were born in the U.S. They are only the descendants of real African immigrants. Africans in America are very different from African Americans. Most of them are from Nigeria, but they also travel from other parts, like Lybia, Uganda, South Africa, Chad, and Sudan. They work in mostly doctor offices, hair salons, and churches and they carry a heavy pure African accent. Some of them work in nightclubs as club owners and bartenders. Some of them are producers, writers, and actors. They like to scam, and they make lots of money doing it. Their religion is still extremely spooky. They practice a lot of the V word (ends with O) and I am fully knowledgeable on how to practice it myself at this point. They love using chickens and goats for religious rituals. I don’t know anything else. I can only understand the Africans from Nigeria, because they speak English. English that I can understand very clearly. 

Candles and statues-Voodoo-

Africans are also known to produce a lot of underrated material in the entertainment industry. They’re not all dirty or have a disease, nor do they all look malnourished or have flies swarming around them. They write and produce a lot of excellent, decent movies, scripts, and documentaries. You might want to research African movies, and see what you find. Try watching one. You don’t always have to stare at pale faces on TV. Real Africans actually have some pretty good movies out there. I’ve even discovered that there are African movie producers, that produce movies that are over 4-6 hours long in length, versus the usual 1-2 hours, like most movies. I’d like to write a script and produce a long film someday. I just don’t have enough actors, nor do I have enough money to pay them, but making a film is still on my bucket list. I don’t have to have a degree in filmmaking, all I have to do is aquire the appropriate knowledge suitable for filmmaking. There are about 4 million real African immigrants right here living in the United States as of 2022. Find out what they do for a living, and learn them. Expand your cultural resources. 


Throughout my life, I never really hung around Jamaicans, only a small few. I’ve seen them working at flea markets, black owned beauty salons, bodegas, nightclubs, and Caribbean restaurants, and they speak with a heavy island accent. For the most part, Jamaicans love wearing dreadlocks, and growing their hair naturally without perms or chemicals. They love fishing, and boating. They love setting up tents and shops for business purposes. They sell a lot of black market goods on the streets such as handmade oils, island clothing, handmade jewelry, and incense, for survival. 

One other thing I know about Jamaicans, is that they party extremely hard. They love to dance. They listen to a lot of reggae, and their music is rotated heavily in almost every black American nightclub in America. They represent their country, by displaying their black, yellow, and green Jamaican flags, and they also show a lot of respect to their elders and ancestors. Some Jamaicans are extremely friendly when it comes to smoking Marijuana or what is formally called Cannabis, if you will. Smoking herbal medicine is a way of life. Natural Cannabis Herbs are very purifying and Holy. The leaves provide a source of healing. Jamaican Americans, will usually let you smoke it inside of their place of business, or home, or chill spot, if they have one, and they never, ever, complain. They also own a lot of Caribbean restaurants and after-hours lounges, scattered throughout the United States. They get little sleep, and they hustle and party all throughout the night. 

My favorite Jamaican dishes are Curry chicken, fried plantains, Jerk Chicken, rice, cabbage, and macaroni and cheese. I don’t eat it much anymore, because I’m a vegetarian that is concerned for my own physical health. Their food is so delicious and intriguing, that I can’t even eat it, or I will over do it, and start eating too much of it, and loose control. There are approximately 1 million Jamaicans living in the U.S. to date.