Back to real life: driving in NYC for the first time

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By Oya Obindodo

I have never drove to NYC and I have been there over 50 times since the age of 16. I heard I have relatives there, but I'm assuming that they are homosexual, so I never tried to get to know them. I always take the Greyhound or the China bus when I go. It's cheap. It's only $40 from the East Coast part of Virginia. The part right by the Atantic Ocean. I've been taking the deadly trip since I was a kid. I've never drove there. They don't know I know how to drive. I don't know what it feels like driving in NYC. It will be a feeling I will never forget. I'm used to taking the Subway, taxi, or Uber everywhere once I arrive. I have no idea what it feels like driving a car there. I attempted to drive there in October 2021, but I stopped in Atlantic City, New Jersey because my gut said turn around. I listened to my gut. I didn't drive all the way to NYC.

Today, I got the urge again, and I didn't go. I really want to know what it's like driving a car there, but I'm afraid it might be too deadly. I might not make it out alive in a car. I've been taking the bus there for 18 years. If I go back again, it will be the bus. I'm too afraid of what might happen. What if I hit a pedestrian? What if I get charged for drug trafficking even though I only had a eighth in the car? What if I get raped by the HIV positive inside of a hotel? What if I loose my animal? What if my animal turns into skin and bones!? My animal might end up on a chefs plate for dinner in a city like New York City, and the humane society will be nowhere to be found. These are all the questions I ask myself when I think about crossing that NYC state line in a car. I would hate to risk my life just to drive to a city that smelly and overpopulated. The bus or train is still the safest route, for now.