Seven types of people I can’t stand being around

Seven types of people I can’t stand being around 

By Oya Obinidodo 

The outdoors can be extremely dangerous, disturbing, and rough. It is no where near fun and games. In bad environments, especially in the city and in urban areas, people die outside everyday. It happens. A lot of deaths can be prevented but people don’t take any safety precautions and they think they have life figured out. This list contains seven different types of people that make me nauseated, every single time I’m forced to go near them. If I was a permanent millionaire and had a big mansion in the middle of nowhere, and an trustworthy assistant, I probably wouldn’t have to look at those people ever again, or be outside in dangerous, unsafe territories where sadists and predators lurk. It would be a life changing situation for the better, but unfortunately I’m stuck in gangland, and it is disgusting as hell. Life sentences, AIDS, inbreeders, rapists, child molesters, and murderers, are always just a block away. 

1. Ghetto people

Ghetto people are usually an infestation. I don’t care how many cars you have, how your gold teeth look, how many red bottoms, Versace, Helly Hansen, Nike coats, Balenciagas, flashy jewelry, and Jordan’s your family wears, how many haters you think you have, how many fancy cars you drive, how many drugs your auntie on, what church your grandma goes to, how many people follow you on Instagram, how many people you’re having sex with, which housing project you live in, what hood you’re from, how black your skin is, how many kids you have, who your spouse is, who having the latest rap concert, how many jobs you have, where you got your hair did or how much money you have, or how many times you go to jail and have a party or how many clubs you go to or how much commissary you have in the feds. None of that has anything to do with me. 

2. Ugly people

I do not like people with chipped teeth, have bald heads, have sexual diseases, have lingering, atrocious body odors, body piercings, ugly wigs and fake hair, dirty looking dreads that need to be re twisted, people who suffer from obesity, women that wear nail polish, and people with other extremely obvious flaws. They usually have an overall fucked up attitude about life and will make mine a living hell for no reason. 

3. Whoremongers

I do not care to be in the presence of people who have slept with nearly the whole world, are swingers, throw wild sex parties, have incest, do porn, watch porn, commit adultery with their spouses or sleep around for no apparent reason. There are too many diseases and drama and I don’t want any of it. 

4. Goofy people

There is a time to laugh and a time to cry. What type of person doesn’t want to strive for perfection? Everything is not a laughing or joking matter and people who laugh at serious things are really fucked up people and should be kept a safe distance from 

because those type of clowns can distract you and ruin your life.

5. Nosey people

I do not like Nosey people. Why would I want you running around telling my business to the whole world. Nosiness is a disgusting flaw and I don’t like to be around human beings that can not focus on their own self, but are always trying to hurt someone else by prying, hacking, spying, eavesdropping, ear hustling, and being disgustingly fake.

6. Gay people

I don’t like homosexuals, I don’t like lesbians, transgenders, down-low gay men, incest people, bisexual people, cross dressers, or any other people with a weird sexual identity crisis. I suffer from homophobia and it is almost like a ongoing disorder like post traumatic stress is. I can’t change this disorder. I rather the gays and the persistent pride people stay far, far, away from me because their bullying is frequent and dangerous and I don’t want to have to defend myself all alone against those people. If one of them was to rape me, spy on me in the shower, or infect me with AIDS, who would be there to protect me? No one would care, and their bullying would get more sinister than it already is.

7. Strippers, street walkers, prostitutes, models, escorts, porn stars, and their customers and fan base

These type of women and their thirsty fans are horrible people to be around. Most sex workers have a predator following and some are aware and some are not. They degrade themselves for the whole world then treat me like nothing. Some of them work a legitimate job during the day and trick on the side and some work selling their grossness 24/7. They DO NOT know that not everyone wants to live that way. A lot of them don’t even get to go home with the trash bag of money and the money they hold to their ear when they post on Instagram and Onlyfans (sites I stoped using years ago.) Most of them live on government housing which require that they report every dollar being earned but they never do. Some of them have their own little low-medium class apartment which was obtained under false pretenses or from selling their vagina (which is illegal almost everywhere) or god knows what else. Some of them live with relatives who allow them to degrade themselves and live that way and others do not even have a roof over their entire head at all. They will sleep on the street, in their car, or in a hotel selling their bodies to pay the rent. I do not want to live around or be heavily exposed to those types of people and I don’t think I should have to.

I don’t like strippers, whether they are male or female. The club or company they work for will charge an expensive house fee, usually over 50% of their earnings. They also have to pay a DJ fee which is usually less than $30. If they have a house mom, they will charge them anywhere between $1-30 or more to use all of the toiletries in the dressing room. If they are starving they have to pay for food from the bar or buy some nearby on a break which can cost anywhere between $5-80 a night for a plate of food. If they are on a celebrity status level (most of them never make it that far) they will have to pay security or a male escort to walk with them everywhere. I don’t want to be around sex workers. Their lifestyle is too dangerous and immoral for a person like me. I’ll never know anyone that can relate. 

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