Over 50 dangerous places I will never go to again


There are around 50 extremely dangerous places that I will never go to for the next decade 

By Oya Obinidodo 

I don’t like America. From the East Coast to the West Coast, and throughout the entire United States, there is a third worldly infestation of crime. There are a lot of hot spots for homosexual men, and people with HIV, child molesters, animal abusers, murderers, stalkers, voyeurs, people with Covid-19, people with diabetes or obesity, and an overwhelming number of people who sleep with all of their relatives, inbreed, and have incest on a regular basis. There are also mildly retarded women that don’t understand why I don’t want to be around other women, human traffickers and sadistic, abusive, sociopathic hillbillies, bullies, sloppies, nasty jealous women and men who act just like them. It just isn’t safe for me. For me, surviving people has become extremely difficult. The abuse and neglect I have to go through is extremely nasty, gross, and unsanitary. People are sick. 

The types of places I will never go to again

Warning: I do not go to any of these types of places. Please be aware. 


•recording studios 


•City Hall 

•Train stations 

•Cruise ships


•Construction sites


•horse races


•lingerie stores, sex shops, and adult stores 

•migrant refugee camps 

•sports games

•massage parlors 

•beauty supply stores 

•nail salons, hair salons, or spas 

•dog walk events 

•clothing stores (only during extreme emergencies will I go in one)

•Fabric stores


•bowling alleys 

•Shoe stores

•police stations

•jails and prisons 

•car or bike shows

•radio stations

•news stations

•wine shops 



•skating rinks

•nightclubs & strip clubs 


•block parties

•dice games 

•book stores 


•thrift stores 



•consignment shops 

•house parties (of any kind including birthday or graduation parties)


•volunteer opportunities 

•job fairs 


•women’s support groups or meetings

•homeless, domestic violence, or human trafficking shelters 


•high schools

•free community events 

•concerts (I don’t perform or watch celebrities)

•kayaking tours 

•black owned businesses

•LGBTQ + friendly businesses 

•gay friendly weed dispensaries 

•women owned businesses 

•section 8/ public housing authorities and services ( I do not go to them for a house/apartment) 

fashion shows (neither high fashion or low fashion)

Certain types of places are heavily infested with sadists and predatory people and I could be killed. Going to any of these places could be a death sentence as most of the people are too infected with something and very, very, contagious. None of them have regard for my life. In the past, they were ALL narcissistic, infected, racist, ugly, gross, and negligent on a sickening level. I kept going to the same places over and over, and kept being harassed, scammed, and treated like scum until I decided it was time to not go to those places anymore. I never go to these types of places, mainly due to the high level of bullying, racial discrimination, and extreme grief, social isolation, and suffering I was forced to go through. 

People are just too mean, evil, controlling, undercover gay, sickening, and nasty to look at. I got tired of throwing up all over the place in front of them. Most of the time they would just laugh, or try to humiliate me even more. People were not welcoming at all, they are very sadistic, disgusting, disrespectful, and intimidating to me for no apparent reason. They are just flat out nasty. People are honkies, predators, and hillbillies, and I’m not welcomed anywhere, but I’m still a human, and I still have to survive- which I can barely do. I still have to go out in public, for food, air, gas, and water. There was never any one there to protect me any of the times I was being bullied and harassed, and people keep doing it. People kept preying on me because I am alone and don’t know anyone. I isolate myself on a daily basis, and I’ve been doing it for over a year. I can not allow myself to be any more severely traumatized or abused more than I already am. The honkies, hillbillies, inbred families, and other sickening types of people usually spread a lot of lies on me. I always travel alone, and I never have any emergency contacts to call incase something bad happens.

I’m trying to stay out of the way of predators and large inbred families 

I don’t have any family or friends in America, and I never have. I don’t even have family or friends in the area where I was born. People were just predators and they were very “off”, and nasty towards me. I’m a total stranger to everyone in the world. To a bunch of predators and sadist, I’m easy prey. They sadistically and proudly enjoy putting me through pain and never ending harassment and neglect. I choose to travel alone on purpose, because I’m extremely afraid of people. I always hold my head down now, and cover my face and body, whenever I’m out in public. I never look at anyone, because they all put a sick, uncomfortable, feeling in my stomach that never goes away. The less I look at people, and the less I listen to them talk, the less the chances of me vomiting profusely around them or feeling too sick to the stomach. It also decreases the chances of me getting abused or bullied by them or their peers and nasty families. This list of places I will never go to again started in 2021 and will be lasting until 2031, or possibly forever, because sadists are stuck in their ways, and they do not change.