Socially isolated forever: My life is still a living hell because of the infestation of hillbillies and snobs

Socially isolated forever: My life is still a living hell because of the infestation of hillbillies and snobs

By Oya Obinidodo 

My life is not perfect. Everyday I wake up, I feel like I don’t have a purpose. It’s a disgusting feeling. I live in a place I don’t want to live in, I wear clothes that I don’t want to wear, I have a car that isn’t up to date, I don’t have a computer, I write books that people can barely understand, and music that people don’t support. I can’t afford a house, I can’t afford jewelry, I don’t have money to record films, and I can’t fucking go anywhere, because of the crime and incest infestation I might face. 

The women and men that I have to face are very dangerous, disgusting, and sickening. They are the type of daughters that have sex with their own mothers, and the type of men that have sex with their own cousins and uncles and want to marry them. This is the reason I am still poor. People have sex with their own relatives, and see no need to accept me, because I’m not as sickening as they are. They are the type of people that spread lies about my sex life, snitch to the police, spy on me, and harass me non stop. Their evilness and sickening jealously is extremely obvious. Those people do not want me to have any resources, including food and water. They are the type of people that wouldn’t quit bullying me if I was malnourished with only skin and bones left. They are very sick. They’re also the type of child predators that would treat my son the same way they treat me, and fire him from a job for no reason, so he can be a needy beggar. They are SICK. 

People have a sick mind. I’m not into any of that sick stuff they’re into. All I ever wanted to do was get rich. I wanted to have a mansion and fancy cars and lots of fur coats and jewelry. I’ll never get that. Over time, I became more realistic with my goals. I decided I just want an apartment, a college education, and a job. I’ll never have that either. Then I became even more aware of my poverty level, and I decided that all I want is a tiny house or an RV. I can’t afford that either. Then I finally realized that I’ll be living in my car or outside for the rest of my life, because people are sick out of their mind. The way they hate on me has been extremely nasty, abusive, and unsanitary. It hurts, and the way they treat my son hurts also. I hate to see him crying, because I can’t afford anything. People are extremely sickening. The tears will not stop falling down my face. They do not care. 

I’m not a nasty woman, I have class, and the lowest life of predators tell lies on me 

I’m not a disgusting woman. I don’t have sex, I don’t wear polish on my nails, I’m not a child molester, I’m not a prostitute, I don’t have buttock implants or fake breast, I never had a penis, I’m not a man, I have a period, I don’t look at other women bodies, I’ve never been a homosexual, I don’t speak to women or take their advice. I don’t tell a bunch of lies, I don’t steal peoples property, money, or relationships. I don’t wear body piercings and I never have. I don’t talk on the phone. I don’t show my body off to anyone, I don’t use drugs and I’ve never abused heroin, meth, or fentanyl a day in my life. I don’t cook food for others. I don’t go to parties, I don’t hang out in the streets with thugs and prostitutes. I don’t have jungle fever. I don’t abuse animals. I don’t have any sexual diseases or regular diseases. I don’t smoke cigarettes. The list goes on. There are a lot of reasons why I seclude myself. People look at me and judge me. They think I’m disgusting and gross because of the lies the incest people tell. I would never do those types of things or hang around the people that do them. I am not a liar, whether people believe me or not, and I do not want those sickening people around me. I do not want to look at them, hear them, or be around. I don’t want to be around sickos and perverts that abuse me and accuse me to make me feel gross. They want me to feel disgusting, because they felt disgusting, because they had nasty incest with each other, and some still do on a regular basis. That is why most people are so close to each other and overprotective of each other. The love they for each other isn’t natural. It’s sick. It’s not fair, and I shouldn’t have to get bullied by people like that. They are the ones doing those sickening things they accuse me of. That is why I am always by myself 24/7. I never go anywhere with ANYONE. People are absolutely disturbing. 

I also don’t masturbate, I don’t watch porn, I don’t send people nudes, and I don’t let them molest me. Having to cover up my body everyday is very embarrassing. I shouldn’t have to cover up like I’m someone’s wife. I should be able to show my tattoos and express myself without getting bullied by pedophiles, gays, jealous sloppy women, and people that have incest, or have inbred children. Pedophiles and gays are so gross these days, that they will literally masturbate to anything, anywhere, anytime. That’s why I’m always covered up, making sure I don’t get judged by them, or molested by them. I am not that type of person, and I am not associated with anyone but myself. I do not want those scum of the earth people, anywhere near me, telling bogus lies on me that everyone believes because they are all “family” with each other, making bogus accusations, setting me up, and snitching on me. It is extremely GROSS. I am not cool with anyone, and I do not want those unsanitary, incestuous people knowing me, or controlling me. Being around them is extremely life threatening and painful. I have no money and nowhere else to go. Sociopathic hillbillies feed off of that. No one is cool enough to help me get rich. People are all the same, everywhere I travel to. The way they stick together is also very incestuous looking and disgusting. People are way too close to each other for me to be living around that much unsanitary filth. I’m isolating myself for the rest of my life. There is no one on earth bright enough to understand me. I will always be alone. Are you living in isolation, separated from the rest of society? Share in the comment section below.