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I do not want all these incestous gays seeing me in pain all over America: Tranny LGBTQ cops are the reason I don't like being a family person

  By Oya Obinidodo The United States -I do not have anymore respect left for people's family. I do not like the word family and I have never been proud of having one. People have incest. That's what their family is about. That is the reason I do not want to be in a family. Being included in a family is the most sickening, evil, unfavorable, nastiest thing that could ever happen to me. I have been complaining about their unnatural sickening abuse for over 17 years, and still no one cares. The whole entire world is gay and incestous, and they all hate on me everywhere I go like they are having one big gay orgy. I am always looking over my shoulders and always afraid. The trannys and gays I've seen in my life are extremely deadly, and hateful- like no other monsters on the planet. Sometimes when you are a convicted felon trying to flee a narcissistic and LGBTQ family that has incest, or have ever been a victim of human trafficking, they will put undercover police officers on

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